A Complete Guide on How to Find Buried Treasure In Minecraft

A lot of people will tell you exactly how to find buried treasure in Minecraft. There are numerous different techniques and tricks to use, but news flash: I’m going to show you them all. No matter which method you choose, whether it be the compass or villager method, or even just trial and error. This article will show you everything you need to know about finding buried treasure, along with some useful tools that might help too.

What you’ll need:

– A map (if you want to find buried treasure without a ship then carry on reading)

– Wood and sticks, plus some extra tools such as swords, axes and shovels for the journey ahead of you

– Enchanted armour and potions for fighting mobs off along the way. You might even be lucky enough to fight a zombie villager, which might be carrying an enchanted book

– Food to eat along the way in your journey. You don’t want to starve or die of starvation!

Where should I go looking for buried treasure? This is a question that you will have to answer yourself. There are many different methods and tricks listed in this article that will all help you to find a treasure chest.

The basics of reading a buried treasure map are as follows:

1. There are two different types of map that you may find when searching for buried treasure in Minecraft:

– The normal type, which can be found if you search a large number of blocks away from your spawn point and the spot where your ship has sunk (if you have one).

– The special type, which is only obtainable if you happen to find a zombie villager that is carrying an enchanted golden sword.

2. Each type of map will allow you to set your spawn point so it can be used as a helpful shortcut if you choose to use the compass or villager method, which I will teach you more about later on in this article.

3. The special type of map will allow you to set a marker that will show where the buried treasure is located

4. Keep in mind that if you have a compass then 1 degree = roughly 69 blocks, so 1/4th should be roughly 17 and a half blocks from your original location

5. If you use the villager method then you will be able to find your location on the map as a green “X”.

How to read buried treasure map minecraft

1. Open up your inventory in Minecraft, tap one of the slots in your hotbar and click on the map to select it.

2. Tap the bottom right corner of the map that is shown in your screen so it flips to show you another page. You might come across two or three different pages before finding one with a spot marked off.

3. Once you have found the mark that is on your map, select it once more so that the X flips back to show you another page.

4. By looking at both of these pages, try to work out what direction the treasure chest is in relation to where you are standing now or were standing when you made the mark on your map.

5. There is a scale on each of these maps so it’s really easy to work out how many blocks you need to walk in each direction from where you are standing now or where you have set your spawn point.

You might not get this right the first time of asking, and that’s perfectly fine. I found a buried treasure map myself recently and spent about an hour trying to work it out. When I realised what I had been doing wrong, it changed everything for me.