AC Valhalla What Dreams May Come Light Puzzle Guide

AC Valhalla: What Dreams May Come is a light puzzle game where players are tasked with helping an old woman through her dream. The clues to solving the puzzles can be found in each of the levels and they vary from guiding the elderly woman’s dreams, finding objects that have been lost, or simply navigating her memories. This game was created by Last Dreamers Games and it has received 4 out of 5 stars on Steam.

The “what dreams may come” is a game that is available on Google Play. The game was released in October of 2018 and has been getting positive reviews from players.


There’s a simple puzzle right near the conclusion of the Crossover Stories DLC. This AC Valhalla What Dreams May Come Light Problem Guide will show you how to finish the DLC and experience a short moment of bonding between Kassandra and Eivor by solving the last puzzle in the Cave of Gold.

Unless you’re like me and spent 45 minutes focusing the lights at the odd item floating above the entrance, this is a rather straightforward problem. There are two switches, one on the left of the entrance and one on the right, that you need to turn on to use the light from the pedestals. KOxHGBGoQo

What Dreams May Come Light Puzzle Guide by AC Valhalla

AC Valhalla What Dreams May Come Light Puzzle Guide A solitary pedestal may be pushed at the very beginning of the chamber. You must push this pedestal into the light, then aim it toward the pedestal right in front of you, across the little gap between the wooden beams. Then you go to the pedestal (you may need to destroy the large hanging rock in the center of the room first).

AC Valhalla What Dreams May Come Light Puzzle Guide The second pedestal is aligned with the lock on the right side of the door. Then you go to the Pedestal above and to the right of the entrance. You should aim that Pedestal at the one just below it, and then at the lock on the left side of the door with that one. This will clear the path for you to go forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you solve the light puzzle in Asgard?

A: The puzzle is solved by finding the right three lights in a row. You can find them at the beginning of Asgard, and then go up to attempt to solve it for yourself!

How do you solve the puzzle in AC Valhalla?

A: The answer to this question is found in the video game.

How do you light the braziers in AC Valhalla?

A: To light the brazier, you will need to use a torch or any fire source.