Best bets for Monday Night Football

The game is just around the corner. Here are our picks for best bets on Monday Night Football this week.

The “Monday Night Football predictions against the spread” is a blog post that provides the best bets for Monday Night Football.

Best bets for Monday Night Football

On Monday Night Football, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face the New York Giants to round up Week 11. (8:15 ET on ESPN).

This week, ESPN’s Eric Moody and Anita Marks, as well as Seth Walder of Stats & Information, present their best bets.

Unless otherwise stated, all odds are courtesy of Caesars Sportsbook as of Sunday.

1617179978_759_Most-impactful-moves-and-2021-offseason-goals-for-all-32 Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New York Giants (-11, 49.5)

Kenny Golladay is not mentioned on the Giants’ injury report for Week 11. Moody: Kenny Golladay is not listed on the Giants’ injury report for Week 11. Before being ill, he participated on 83 percent of their offensive snaps and averaged 6.8 targets per week from Weeks 1-4. Last week’s bye came at an ideal moment for him, and several Giants writers have remarked that Golladay has been putting in some excellent work this week. Daniel Jones could target Golladay often against a Buccaneers secondary that allows the 11th-most passing yards per game.


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Kadarius Toney has followed in the footsteps of Golladay. He’s also not on the injury report for this week. He snagged ten of his thirteen targets for 189 yards against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 5. Toney might also prosper against Tampa Bay’s undermanned secondary.

Mike Evans only grabbed two of three targets for 62 yards and a score in a Week 10 game when the Buccaneers were continually playing from behind, but he had averaged 8.0 targets and 68 receiving yards in his previous eight games. Evans might perform fairly well on Monday night, given that Chris Godwin is dealing with a foot ailment and is classified as a game-time decision (and Antonio Brown has already been ruled out). Rob Gronkowski, who has averaged seven targets and 61.3 receiving yards when he’s been on the field and healthy, might also be ready to shine.

In addition, Leonard Fournette should continue to play a key part in the Buccaneers’ offense. This season, he has averaging 17.8 chances (rushing attempts plus targets) and 85.5 total yards per game while playing on 60% of the team’s offensive possessions. Kenyan Drake, Darrel Williams, Chuba Hubbard, Darrell Henderson Jr., and Ezekiel Elliott have combined for 97.0 yards against the Giants defense in their previous five games.

Picks: Golladay over 45.5 total receiving yards (-120), Toney over 43.5 total receiving yards (-115), Evans over 65.5 total receiving yards (-115), Gronkowski over 28.5 total receiving yards (-115), Fournette over 93.5 total rushing/receiving yards (-115), Fournette over 93.5 total rushing/receiving yards (-110)

Gronkowski’s target potential considerably outweighed his Week 11 receiving line prop when he was healthy, according to Walder. Based on air yards, estimated completion chance, and expected YAC, he was averaging 46.1 predicted receiving yards each game (NFL Next Gen Stats). This would have been a slam dunk if Gronkowski hadn’t been hurt. He’s been out with shattered ribs, of course.

I might be wrong, but I believe the Buccaneers would wait until Gronkowski was completely healed and capable of playing meaningfully before letting him to return to the field, particularly as a Super Bowl candidate. If that’s the case, he should be able to reach 30-plus yards based on how he was utilized earlier in the season.

Gronkowski over 29.5 receiving yards is my pick (-115)

Marks: The Giants are coming off their bye week and will welcome back Saquon Barkley and offensive guard Andrew Thomas to the lineup. Golladay and Toney are both back for the Giants, giving Jones a much healthier receiving corps.

On the other hand, the Giants’ defense has been excellent in their previous three games, allowing just 39 points, a 28 percent 3rd-down conversion rate, and only three touchdowns in 13 red-zone trips.

Picks: Giants +11, Giants (2-team teaser, +17), Jones over 240 passing yards (-115), Toney over 4.5 receptions (+120), Giants (2-team teaser, +17), Giants (2-team teaser, +17), Giants (2-team teaser, +17), Giants (2-team teaser, +17


ArenaNet published a large dev blog earlier this week detailing all of the modifications it’s making to Guild Wars 2’s End of Dragons elite specifications after the first three rounds of beta. The studio claims, “We’ve done more than merely adjust numbers and correct glitches.” “[W]e’ve been listening, and where necessary, we’ve made improvements to basic mechanics, talents, and attributes.” Notably,

  • The Jade Sphere mechanism and hammer abilities will be upgraded in the Catalyst, as well as survivability.
  • Better pet and command controls, boon deployment, and mech-to-player balancing will all be available to the Mechanist.
  • The Willbender, who didn’t seem to enchant players as ArenaNet had intended, would benefit from increased mobility and synergy.
  • Phantoms and blade stocking will be tweaked in the Virtuoso.
  • The Harbinger has undergone a lot of improvement, including the inclusion of a new Blight Threshold mechanism and a lot of affection for elixirs;
  • As ArenaNet phrased it, The Untamed “fell short of the mark,” thus there will be changes to pet management, a new Unleashed Ambush mechanism, and less chaotic graphics.
  • The Vindicator’s dodge and focus transfer have improved.
  • Consume Shadows and Endless Night will be modified by the Specter;
  • The Bladesworn’s Dragon Slash is undergoing some changes to make it less risky. Lush Forest has seen some alterations as well.

Players may expect such adjustments in the beta event next week.

Meanwhile, the team showed off End of Dragons’ new siege turtle on Wednesday evening, but the real star of the show was a teaser for new character customization choices coming to the cash shop next week — yes new hair! UXRQ

Finally, ArenaNet offers gem cards for sale today on several merchants, including Amazon, as we reported on Wednesday. These kind of deals don’t come around very frequently, so if you want to stock up on gems before the End of Dragons, now is the time to do so.


In recent weeks, public impressions of Scottie Pippen’s relationship with Michael Jordan have most likely shifted. However, although Pip’s current media tour is a move to set himself apart from MJ, the common ground they discovered on the court still takes precedence when considering the Chicago Bulls’ dynasty. Scottie, interestingly, regarded the practice court with the same reverence as His Airness.

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen have distinct leadership styles.

Former Bulls player and current Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr described how Scottie Pippen’s leadership differed from Michael Jordan’s in a basic but revealing way.

Jordan “would just pummel everyone about,” Kerr stated in Episode 7 of ESPN’s The Last Dance series. “Scottie was the one who’d soothe you when things weren’t going well,” Kerr said, describing Pippen as a positive reinforcement coach.

Jordan led by example and decided to shoulder much of the team’s duties, particularly in terms of scoring. Pippen, on the other hand, was a point forward who facilitated and actively decided to enlist the help of teammates.

Scottie, as Kerr put it, took a “softer” attitude in general. In the most important area, though, he shared MJ’s fiery approach.

In practice, Pippen was every bit as cutthroat as Jordan.

L-R: Michael Jordan, Ron Harper, and Scottie Pippen of the Chicago Bulls huddle during the 1996 NBA Finals

L-R: Michael Jordan, Ron Harper, and Scottie Pippen of the Chicago Bulls huddle during the 1996 NBA Finals In the 1996 NBA Finals, Michael Jordan (L) talks strategy with teammates Ron Harper (middle) and Scottie Pippen (right) | Getty Images/Jonathan Daniel

Michael Jordan approached practice sessions as though they were games. He thought that intrasquad rivalry would only help the Bulls against their opponents, thus he was relentless in his pursuit of his colleagues.

Jordan, on the other hand, wasn’t the only one who took a manic approach to practicing.

B.J. Armstrong, a former Bulls point guard, played alongside MJ and Pip from 1989 to 1995. He described both guys as “the finest practice players he’d ever seen” (h/t, noting that Scottie appeared to relish the effort.

“As excellent as [Pippen] was in games—and he was fantastic—in practice, he was even better. I’ve never seen two better practice players than him and Michael. I’m not sure why they liked it so much or what their motivation was, but they seemed to enjoy practicing. Scottie was never grumpy about practice, and he always showed there with a grin on his face. He was a fantastic practice player and the epitome of professionalism.”

–B.J. Armstrong, via, 2010

While it may seem that shared dedication between star and co-star is required to build a championship team, this is not always the case.

During the Los Angeles Lakers’ heyday, Shaquille O’Neal’s fairly lackadaisical attitude to practice fostered the seeds of hatred between The Diesel and Kobe Bryant. Despite winning three titles between 2000 and 2002, LA was eliminated from the playoffs early in 2003 and lost in the NBA Finals in 2004. Shaq’s and Kobe’s friendship was deteriorating at the same time.

Jordan and Pippen, on the other hand, utilized practice to get their colleagues up to speed. That cohesive and consistent strategy yielded a lot of success.

The Bulls won six championships in the 1990s because to good practice routines.

An 82-game season (plus playoffs) must seem like a drag on a daily basis. It’s probably considerably more difficult once you’ve won a title. Nonetheless, the Bulls’ sharpness was aided by Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan’s relentless concentration on practice.

During the 1990s, the Bulls not only won six championships, but they did it without taking a breath. During Chicago’s legendary era, head coach Phil Jackson employed practically everyone at his disposal. Kerr, for example, appeared in 82 games four times throughout his career, all with the Bulls. Armstrong and former Bulls forward Stacey King both played every game almost every year.

Every player on the Chicago bench had to be ready if their number was called. There is no such thing as a moment that is too huge for a single player. Because, although Jordan and Pippen carried the Bulls, they couldn’t carry the whole weight on their shoulders.

Indeed, looking back on Chicago’s six championship campaigns, there are several instances when bench players made significant contributions. John Paxson’s game-winning shot in Game 6 of the 1993 NBA Finals, or Kerr’s clutch jumper to clinch the fifth title in 1997, are two examples.

Many of those situations can be due to all of the hard effort put in over endless sessions, and Scottie Pippen, much like Michael Jordan, set the tone.

Scottie Pippen Motivated His Blazers Teammates Before a Must-Win Game in the 2000 NBA Playoffs by Flashing His Championship Rings: ‘Those Diamonds Blinded Me,’ he says.

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The “monday night football score predictions” is a blog post that provides the best bets for Monday Night Football. The article includes a list of games, odds, and analysis.

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