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Mother Teresa, the first female Catholic Saint bestowed with the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, is one of those few people who lives on after death. She has been given tribute that includes a public holiday during her lifetime and memorials across the globe for decades.

Mother Teresa was a woman who dedicated her life to help the poorest of the poor. She is known as one of the greatest saints and has been honored with numerous awards and honors.



If we speak about significant events in Indian history, we will never forget the name of Mother Teresa. No one will ever forget her commitment to bringing nature’s message to the general public. His goal was to make the world a happier place.

Mother Teresa’s birthday is today.

Essay-On-Mother-Teresa-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211Mother Teresa was a remarkable lady who was born in Yugoslavia on August 26, 1910, under the name Agnes Bojaxhiu. At the age of 18, she became a nun. It was a very young age for a girl to become a nun, but she thought it would be better to devote her life to the order.


She moved to India after becoming a nun. And then he started teaching kids at the school. But something in her heart told her that witnessing the people of India in distress was not enough. Later, she made the decision to help India’s underprivileged.

Citizen of India

Essay-On-Mother-Teresa-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211She became an Indian citizen in 1948 after beginning to work for the underprivileged of the Indian people. She then began buying land on which she might build schools, hospitals, and orphanages. This was one of the most significant events of Mother Teresa’s life, which began in 1950.

In India, there are 160 missionaries affiliated with Mother Teresa. In addition, the Mother Teresa missionary has 105 and other branches all over the world.

She won numerous honors for her devotion commitment and assisting nature to words humanity for the service she provided to Indian people. She also received a prestigious award and the Bharat Ratna.

Worker Appreciation



She was always willing to help others and never sought recognition or rewards for her efforts. A woman with a beautiful heart, she never expected anything in Britain and always went out of her way to assist everyone, regardless of profit or loss.

Today, numerous orphanages are founded in Mother Teresa’s honor, and people place their faith in her. In today’s India, hearing the name Mother Teresa inspires a sense of confidence in a specific person. And individuals continue to join our trust in order to assist others.

Mother Teresa was an inspiration for me.

1625963092_637_Essay-On-Mother-Teresa-For-Students-038-Children-In-SimpleWhen it comes to inspiration, Mother Teresa is the ideal role model for young people. She has motivated many individuals to assist the needy via her efforts. Her tales about her efforts for the underprivileged continue to inspire individuals of our age.

Teresa is regarded as a wonderful woman and an inspiration to the underprivileged in India’s motherland. There are many hospitals named after Mother Teresa, and people contribute to such institutions. Mother Teresa’s birthday is today.

The Great Soul Has Passed Away

Essay-On-Mother-Teresa-For-Students-038-Children-In-SimpleNo one imagined the day would arrive when Mother Teresa would leave us. And she died in Calcutta on September 5, 1997. She was a wonderful person who taught us that if you are wealthy, you should assist the less fortunate. And if you’re poor, you should assist one another because it’s the only way you’ll be able to live.

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Mother Teresa was born in a small town called Skopje, Macedonia. She was the daughter of an Albanian family that had moved to Macedonia from their native country, Albania. Her parents were very poor and would often go hungry because they could not afford food. Mother Teresa’s parents died when she was young. When she was only 11 years old, her mother passed away as well. Reference: mother teresa was born in.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write an essay about Mother Teresa?

A: Mother Teresa was a woman who devoted her life to the service of others. She helped people in need and she never asked for anything in return.

Who was Mother Teresa 4?

A: Mother Teresa was a saint.

What is the real name of Mother Teresa?

A: The real name of Mother Teresa was, in fact, Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu.

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