Fix Windows 10 Bluetooth Couldn’t Connect to Headset, Speakers ETC

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows devices to communicate wirelessly with each other. This technology has been around for a while, but it is still relatively new and not as widespread as Wi-Fi. In the early days of the internet, there were many people who had difficulty connecting their devices to the internet.

The bluetooth paired but not connected windows 10 is a problem that has been present for a while. Microsoft has released a fix to fix the issue.

In 2021, Bluetooth devices will still be in high demand. If your Bluetooth on Windows 10 isn’t functioning, it may be due to a pairing issue, a connection issue, a driver issue, an upgrade, or anything else.

This technology is still used in many earbuds, speakers, headphones, soundboxes, network connection, and smart televisions. 

It may be a driver issue or too many devices if Bluetooth is linked but not connecting. Check to see whether the adapter is compatible with Windows 10 and other devices. 

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Despite the fact that wireless and wi-fi are capable of offloading signal and data quickly enough, certain older gadgets still depend on Bluetooth. 

Bluetooth is not functioning in Windows 10.

From the start, Windows 10 has supported Bluetooth drivers and older technologies. However, there have been problems with connection, drivers, signal, power, and a variety of other things with each update. 

Fix: Bluetooth not functioning after 21H1 Update in Windows 10

If Bluetooth stops working, the connected device is either too far away or has a connection issue. Ensure that the devices are operating at the same frequency. 

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Furthermore, various brands of laptops and desktops are experiencing issues with Bluetooth devices.

HP, DELL, LENOVO, ACER, SAMSUNG, LG, and more computer hardware brands are available on the market.

Each laptop’s Bluetooth adapter, driver, and frequency mode are unique. 

We’ll go through some of the most frequent fixes to Bluetooth issues in Windows 10 in this article. 

Bluetooth is disabled on the Lenovo Thinkpad T430.

Many users have experienced this issue as a result of the Windows 10 upgrades.

In most cases, the Bluetooth option may be found in the devices section of the settings menu. This setting may vanish for certain users, and you will be unable to toggle it on or off. 

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It’s even not visible in the Action Center.

In most instances, we may use this notification box to connect to a Bluetooth device from Windows 10.

When you attempt to add a Bluetooth device, you receive an error notice as well. 

So, for the last several months, my Bluetooth on my Windows 10 PC (Lenovo T430) has been functioning perfectly. Then, today, when I went into Settings to check my Bluetooth, it said it was switched off — there is no way to toggle Bluetooth on or off, and it has vanished from Action Center. I tried a few other possible ways to solve it, but none of them worked:



This Bluetooth issue may be caused by a power issue. Turn the laptop off entirely.

Remove the power cord or adapter from the system. After that, start Windows 10.

Remove the laptop battery while it is still on if possible.

Then replace it. Connect the power connection and start Windows 10 normally.

The Bluetooth icon should now appear in your settings. Your Bluetooth headphones or any other Bluetooth device will function normally. 

Remove the power cord if you can’t remove the battery from the system.

To switch off the laptop, press and hold the power button for 5 to 30 seconds. Allow 30 seconds to 1 minute for it to rest before resuming. Bluetooth should now be visible and functioning properly. 

Bluetooth isn’t available in Device Manager.

If the Bluetooth option is gone from Settings, you’ll most likely check the device manager, like you did with the previous issue.

Your Bluetooth device is not visible even after you enable “display hidden devices.” This is an example of a typical issue –

My laptop has been acting strangely lately, as if it doesn’t support Bluetooth. I’ve done everything I can think of, including running the troubleshooter, enabling hidden things in device manager, obtaining and installing the newest drivers from the laptop manufacturer’s website, and so on. It seems that if I can get bluetooth to show up in the device management, everything will be OK.



Different solutions were presented in the responses. You may attempt to restore the system to a point when the Bluetooth device was visible during the process.

If it doesn’t work, try restarting your computer. Toggle the Bluetooth option on in the BIOS.

bluetooth won't turn on

The BIOS key differs from one manufacturer to the next. The essential assistance is also seen at the start of BOOT.

If the startup is too quick, look for BIOS assistance on the manufacturer’s website. 

Bluetooth debugging should be the first thing to attempt in other situations. If it doesn’t work, try investigating hardware and devices. One of them should be able to assist. 

Audio through Bluetooth In DELL, the game is not available.

You may run across this issue if you’re using an Insider Build version like 21354.

When attempting to pair Windows 10 with Bluetooth earbuds or headsets, it usually gives the message “We can’t locate an audio device.” 

Since installing the latest Insider version of Windows – Build release.210503-1432 –

Despite the fact that all of my Bluetooth audio devices have properly linked to my laptop, none of them are producing any sound.

This issue first surfaced in May of 2021. Bluetooth devices linked to several DELL computers caused sound problems.

The Intel Wireless Bluetooth driver was temporarily removed and Focus Assist was set to Alarms only. 

Go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers for another option.

Locate the Bluetooth device. Go to the Services tab by right-clicking it.

bluetooth turned off windows 10

Uncheck the “Audio Sink” option. The audio quality will not be great, but you will be able to hear noises. 

The best option is to upgrade to 21387’s most recent build. It describes the issue and changes the documentation, according to Microsoft release notes.

The audio is typically recovered once the Bluetooth service is activated. 

The couldn’t connect bluetooth android is a problem that many Android users have been experiencing. There are multiple fixes to the issue, but one of the most common ones is to turn off Bluetooth and then turn it back on again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Bluetooth say couldnt connect Windows 10?

This error is usually caused by a Bluetooth driver or device that is not compatible with your version of Windows 10.

Why does my Bluetooth says couldnt connect?

If your Bluetooth is not connecting, make sure you have the latest version of the Beat Saber software. A common issue with older Bluetooth devices is that they will stop working after a certain amount of time.

What do you do if your Bluetooth says couldnt connect?

If your Bluetooth is not pairing with your headset, try turning off and on the headset. If that does not work, try resetting the connection by unplugging and then plugging in the headset again.

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