Here’s Everything You Missed in “Magical Thinking”

“Magical Thinking” is a short film by director Robert Zemeckis that explores the idea of what it means to be human. It’s a story about a man who has been in a coma for seven years and wakes up with an ability to see into the future.

Delusional magical thinking is a term that has been used to describe the belief of something occurring without any evidence. The article Here’s Everything You Missed in Magical Thinking by David Eagleman discusses the topic.


Nyxly took possession of the Courage Totem last week on Supergirl, passing the gauntlet for it while Supergirl failed. That meant it was all hands on deck for the next totem as Supergirl and the Super Friends attempted to find out how to defeat the Fifth Dimensional Imp – and while Supergirl was still shaken for not being brave enough.

Nyxly gets her hands on a totem this week before Supergirl can intervene, but it causes a lot of havoc in National City, leaving the Super Friends scrambling for a way to defend the city while also stopping Nyxly. Do you need to catch up on the happenings of Supergirl’s “Magical Thinking” episode from this week? With our summary below, we’ve got you covered, but be warned: there are complete spoilers beyond this point. 

The following totem is

Everyone is playing Jenga while waiting for Kara to come to Kara’s house for game night. Since losing the totem to Nyxly, she’s been suffering. Nia informs Lena that it sounds like magic, that her dream abilities are similar, and that she may find something useful in her mother’s book of spells. Kara then informs Lena that William will be joining the Super Friends. Kelly also informs the staff that she has an appointment to check on one of the foster children, and Kara bursts out laughing because Nyxly is overjoyed. There’s another totem in National City, it turns out.

Esme is doing well with her new foster home, according to Kelly. Esme creates a one-of-a-kind bracelet for her.

J’onn shows William about the Tower after bringing him there. They lay out the ground rules for him: don’t disclose the Tower’s location, don’t divulge names or attempt to discover them, and run articles past them before submitting them. Nyxly’s spacecraft then appears in the sky above the city. It turns out that obtaining the totem is very simple. Nyxly just claims it from a fighter during a battle, but when Supergirl arrives, Nyxly distributes some kind of energy, forcing everyone to fight. People have become corrupted as a result of it.


Trouble with the Totem

Humanity is the totem, and Nyxly activating it has affected a few hundred people, making them want to hurt one other and create mayhem. Lena believes she’s discovered a spell in her mother’s book that will allow them to hunt her down. William approaches Supergirl and requests to talk with her. He wants to inform the public about the issue and report it to Nyxly. Supergirl warns him against it since Nyxly is unaware that they, too, have magic on their side. She then takes off after hearing a scream for assistance. Andrea, on the other hand, is pushing William to disclose everything right now. She’s even gained access to his computer. She urges him to either give her what she wants or not come back at all.

Lena and Nia work on Lena’s magic, particularly attempting to make the spell work, but it seems to have backfired, as Nia now has no idea where to go. Supergirl is immediately overcome with compassion, another of Nyxly’s emotions. Nyxly seems to have a lot of sympathy for Mitch aboard Mitch’s ship. She is ecstatic, believing that things will be simple in the future. They discover the location of the next totem, which is in the Netherlands.


A spell is cast.

When William comes to see Lena, she tells him about her mother’s spellbook and what she’s attempting to do with it. He compares it to a family cooking book, but Lena says that she still broke Dreamer despite following the instructions. William tells her a story about how he realized he was being too technical while attempting to replicate his father’s recipes and how things started to fall into place once he decided to trust himself. Lena realizes she’ll need a particular component from the botanical garden for a spell. Supergirl has to drive her there, and William agrees to accompany her.


National City is in a state of chaos.

Things continue to spiral out of control in National City. Esme is concerned, but her foster mother assures her that she shouldn’t be. They are assaulted by a guy who can blast fire as they go to their home, and Esme reacts by blowing fire back at him. It astounds both her and her foster mother.

Lena obtains what she needs at the botanical garden, as William and Supergirl keep an eye on her and other innocents. Nyxly seeks the next totem in the Netherlands. Just before Nyxly is about to murder the guard, Lena’s magic activates, preventing Nyxly from killing him but also causing a lady affected by the depravity in National City to deteriorate. The magic, it turns out, increases the potency rather than acting as a beacon.


Nyxly must be stopped.

Nyxly begins to understand that the Humanity Totem is the test, and that she has all of the compassion and empathy of the individuals inside the explosion radius. Mitch argues that there must be a method to get the Hope Totem without causing harm to anybody so that they may continue on their journey. Supergirl is aware of the Humanity Totem’s unique gauntlet since she is experiencing the same emotions. Supergirl believes that overwhelming Nyxly with Lena’s spell would put a stop to everything, but Lena refuses to do so since she believes that releasing so much depravity is immoral.

Lena informs Supergirl that Nyxly reminds her of Lex and that she will be defeated by Supergirl as well. Lena hates to use her magic or deception to inflict suffering, so Supergirl’s approach isn’t ideal, but she eventually comes around. Lena will increase the totem’s strength, while William will write about it in complete openness.


Bringing humanity back to life

When Lena casts her spell, circumstances in National City quickly deteriorate, but the Super Friends fight tirelessly to keep everyone safe. Nyxly becomes even more burdened and tries to focus on obtaining the next totem, but she struggles because she cares too much, and she returns to National City to reclaim the Humanity of the people. Esme’s foster mother keeps her locked out of the home and demands that she utilize her fire breathing to defend the family, despite Esme’s lack of comprehension. Guardian and Sentinel, fortunately, arrive to rescue her.

Nyxly returns to National City and restores humanity to everyone. The totem is returned to Nyxly, but the people are restored to normalcy. Nyxly has Mitch fly the ship out of there rather than deal with Supergirl when she recovers the totem. With enough particles remaining to track one totem, the Super Friends choose to monitor the Dream Totem in the hopes that Dreamer can assist them.


William makes a decision.

Andrea is happy with William’s piece at CatCo, but she wants him to disclose personal details as well as the Tower’s location. No, William replies, he’ll write the articles his way and sell them to The Daily Planet if she doesn’t like them.

Kelly visits Esme, who is being removed from the foster care system. Her family isn’t interested in her now that they know she has supernatural abilities. Esme believes she will never have a true home. Before holding Esme’s hand, Kelly and Alex exchange a knowing glance. Mitch and Nyxly recover in space and plot their next move.


Magical Thinking is a short story written by Sylvia Plath. It tells the story of a young girl who has an abusive childhood and how she deals with it using magic to make her life better. Reference: magical thinking and childhood trauma.

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