Is Just Dance 2022 any good?

Just Dance 2022 is Just Dance 2019’s direct sequel. It boasts a new engine, brand-new songs, and more licensed tracks than any previous game in the series. Plus it has dance competitions for players to enter! Find out what makes this one of Ubisoft’s best games yet with our review.

Just Dance 2022 is the first game to introduce a brand new engine and has been praised for its unique blend of gameplay. It was created by Ubisoft Entertainment SA, so it’s not surprising that there are many positive reviews online about this app.

Just Dance 2020 was released in November of 2018 and Just Dance 2022 is set to be released in December. Is the new release any good?


The results of the Just Dance 2022 review are in, and it’s time for us all to go back on the dance floor! We’re here to talk about the Nintendo Switch reviews and whether or not Just Dance 2022 is worth your time. Are you ready to dance? Let’s get started.

On Metacritic, Just Dance 2022 received a 75 out of 100.


Just Dance 2022 is, in general, more Just Dance. That is the essence and substance of the situation. Just Dance 2022 contains a meatier version of the game, with the reintroduction of World Dance Floor and traditional Just Dance game modes including Kids Mode, Sweat Mode, and Co-op Mode. Merely Dance 2022 review ratings, on the other hand, go beyond just a content evaluation. states of the game, maybe referring to dance precursor Dance Dance Revolution:

“Just Dance 2022 is a revolution-free dance, but what a dance it is, ladies and gentlemen. The last edition of the series, bolstered by a fantastic line-up ranging from previous glories to rising stars of the present (even virtual ones), concentrates on the quality of the chosen compositions and choreographies of undeniable unique weight. The numerous degrees of difficulty guarantee that everyone can have a good time.”

Nintenderos has similar sentiments regarding the game, saying:

“With new music and visual effects that complement the tunes that Ubisoft has previously featured in previous games, Just Dance 2022 promises us hours and hours of dancing.” However, as you may have seen, there is almost little news in terms of game mechanics and modes.”

Just Dance 2022 received an 8/10 rating from both reviewers, demonstrating how slowly the game has improved. Gaming Trend, another site that scored the game an 8/10, said that Ubisoft has improved upon the Just Dance model, but only superficially:

“There’s no denying that Just Dance 2022 has fallen into some of the traps of other annual games by not feeling like a complete overhaul, but once you experience the quality of the choreography and see the improved visuals, you can’t deny that Ubisoft is still attempting to deliver an exceptional product where it counts: the dancing and song selection.” Even if I’m a little out of touch with contemporary music, the most of them effectively urge me to get off my arse and start dancing.”

Nintendo Life published the most harsh review. Just Dance 2022 has a 6/10 rating, indicating that it is “Not Bad.” And that score perfectly captures the essence of Just Dance 2022. It’s not horrible at all. Its score is mediocre not because to obvious flaws or poor gameplay, but due to its mediocrity and baseness. The following is an excerpt from the review:

“Just Dance 2022 is a good movie. It’s more of the same, with some nice new tunes, and an overall clean and flawless experience that plays it safe and works well. However, it is continuously promoting its subscription service, which makes it seem a bit clumsy and tacky since it spends more time promoting songs you don’t possess rather than allowing you to appreciate the ones provided with the main game. Fans of the franchise — or anybody who’s simply danced to a single track from the series — will know precisely what they’re getting here, but novices should be aware that they’ll have to spend extra money after purchasing the game to get the complete experience.”

That pretty much covers up the Just Dance 2022 experience. Those that are buying the game as their first in the series will get the most out of it, while the rest of us may be hesitant to give it a go. This demonstrates that game standards have risen in recent years, with games being need to bring more to the table in order to thrive. It’s no longer sufficient to be a decent game. Games must now be new, distinct, and stand out from the crowd.

Is Just Dance 2022 a worthwhile investment of your time and money?

Just Dance 2022 has a Metacritic score of 75, so it hasn’t received a lot of praise. At its finest, it’s precisely what gamers would anticipate, with material repeated from prior editions and new tracks making their premiere. However, there isn’t much in this game in terms of creativity. So, if you’ve played the previous games in the series and aren’t delighted with the new songs or the reintroduction of game modes, this one may not be for you.


The “highest score in just dance 2021” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to this question, is just dance 2022. Just Dance 2022 is an amazing game that everyone should play.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Just Dance 2021 worth it?

A: Well that depends on what you are looking for. If you want something with a lot of songs, then maybe not because there is only about 30 songs in the game.

Does Just Dance 2021 have bad words?


What songs will be on Just Dance 2022?

A: The list of songs in Just Dance 2022 is not yet available.

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