Lions Recap: David Blough May Have Led Detroit to Win

The Indianapolis Colts had a good night of football, but the Detroit Lions’ David Blough was able to bring his team back for a victory. The 24-21 win on Monday Night Football is one that may have changed the course of history in the NFL.

Getty In 2021, Lions quarterback Jared Goff plays against the Steelers.

In Week 10, the Detroit Lions did not lose, which was a good step for the club overall throughout the 2021 season.

A 16-16 draw against the Pittsburgh Steelers means that the Lions will not have a winless season, but they might have done better if they had made a quarterback swap during the game.

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Watching the second half, it was evident that Jared Goff was not himself. Putting away the supporters’ quips about Goff’s inconsistency, the quarterback was plainly injured, and Detroit’s passing game was suffering as a consequence. The Lions raced effectively on the ground, but they struggled to pass. This footage was likely the finest representation of Goff’s whole day, which saw the quarterback complete just 14 passes for 114 yards.

In the second half, Goff’s habit of missing simple passes became his trademark, but the Lions didn’t punish him despite plentiful chances. They may have been able to extend the field a little more and find enough huge passing plays for a victory if they had gone with David Blough. Detroit had to settle with a tie since that didn’t happen.

After the game, Detroit coach Dan Campbell defended his choice to keep Goff in the game, claiming the quarterback still thought he could do the job on the field and was throwing nice passes.

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“I considered it, but as I’ve said, I spoke with him, our trainers, (Mark) Brunell, and Anthony Lynn, and they all said, ‘hey, he’s fine, he wants to go, he’s good, he can do it.’ “We stayed the course and put our faith in him,” Campbell added.

Detroit’s first victory of the season may have been lost as a result of the decision. Blough, if he were fit, could have had just enough left in the tank to finish the job this week. While the Lions should undoubtedly continue with Goff in the future, if he is injured, the club will have to rethink their Week 11 strategy.

What more can this performance teach us? Here are some other takeaways.

The Lions’ Run Game Provided A Look Into The Future

Surprisingly, the Lions were able to tie the game at all because they ran for 229 yards and two scores against the Steelers’ feared defense. Normally, the Steelers don’t allow 100-yard rushers, much alone a team to gash them for over 200 yards, so the Lions’ ability to do so was both amazing and galling. The Lions have been vocal about their desire to make their squad more physical, and for the first time this season, they have forced their will on an opponent offensively. It was a significant change of events for the Lions, who are attempting to develop into a squad capable of battering and bruising opponents.

When backups like Godwin Igwebuike have bruising runs like these, it speaks to a team’s ground game’s general depth:

If the Lions can stay healthy, they may be able to make performances like this a regular occurrence in the future. That is the staff’s aim, and getting it done against a strong defense was a solid start.

Julian Okwara is on his way to becoming a Lions superstar.

Despite the messy circumstances, the Detroit defense played well all day, and Okwara’s interception was one of the day’s biggest plays. Now that he has his first sacks in the NFL, the linebacker now has an interception, and it was a beauty given he was in the right spot at the right moment.

It’s encouraging to see the Lions recognize Okwara’s skills, and he’s been just as effective versus the run as he has against the pass in recent weeks. That’s the mark of a player who’s learning and broadening his horizons at a critical juncture in his career.

D’Andre Swift, D’Andre Swift, D’Andre Swift, D’Andre Swift, D’And

The Lions don’t usually let Swift bear the weight, but given what he displayed this week, they may have to reconsider. Swift’s greatest game with the squad running the ball was 130 yards on the ground, and it was highlighted by one of the finest hurdles on the field this season. Take a look at this:

Swift will be a force in the league, and the Lions like to keep him fresh so he can be used in the passing game. After this outburst, that may have to alter.

Ryan Santoso, Kicker: Lamb?

It’s difficult to single out one player for the team’s tie, but if there was a choice, it would be Santoso. The kicker, who was filling in for the injured Austin Seibert, missed an extra point that would have put the Lions up 17-10. Later, in overtime, he had a horrific miss on a possible game-winning field goal.

Santoso had a couple opportunities to give the Lions just enough points to win with a single boot, but he couldn’t convert. As a consequence, he was designated as the goat. It’s a tough life being a kicker in the NFL.

Stat of the Game for the Lions

The Lions’ defense caused a total of three turnovers on the day. Despite the fact that the Lions did not win the game, they must continue to find a method to produce more turnovers if they are to win. It was no coincidence that the Lions came within a whisker of winning after securing an interception and a pair of fumble recoveries.

Quote of the Game for the Lions

“We didn’t win, but we also didn’t lose.” All you can expect for is better, and that is exactly what we got. “Yes, we did.” Dan Campbell is the author of this article. Following the game, Campbell gave possibly the most significant comment on the subject, claiming that despite the draw, the squad had progressed. All a coach in his situation can hope for is that.

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