Logitech G335 Review: Crispy, Colorful and Comfortable

Logitech G335 is a budget-friendly gaming mouse that offers good performance at an affordable price. It has a comfortable design with a flexible weight system, which allows you to customize the weight of your hand to suit your play style.

The logitech g g733 stores is a gaming headset that is made by the company, Logitech. It has an 8-hour battery life and can store up to three hours of audio.

You may pick up a nice product off the shelf and walk away happy if you have a good budget to spend on any type of goods that you need to utilize. When you’re on a tight budget, though, it’s a different story. In the realm of low-cost gaming headphones, there are a lot of outright hits and misses. The Logitech G335 – which we got from the wonderful people at Logitech Malaysia – is more of an entry-level headset, but it’s probably the best first headset anybody can buy for this budget.

Design and Construction

The Logitech G335 we got is white with blue accents, which is more evocative of their trademark color if you’ve seen their prior product or just glanced at their logo. Now, as a long-time Logitech customer, I’ve always been pleased with their design, build quality, and comfort. The design is identical to that of the G733, their higher-end gaming headset, however the G335 is wired and lacks RGB. To be honest, the G335 isn’t a big head turner, but if you buy the white color, this has had to be one of the finest looking headsets we’ve seen in a long time here at the VesperLab.

With these headphones, Logitech chose to go in a new direction. Rather of opting for a standard Black finish, this headset is part of their Color Collection, which has brighter hues. Even with the changeable band to change the colors, it looks great, save for the black with purple highlights, which seems a little generic.


Now, as for the construction, it’s exactly what you’d expect at this budget point: mostly plastic with a few touches of cloth here and there. Even though these headsets utilize a 3.5mm combo jack connection, you won’t be taking them out in public to use – but having the option to do so is a great to have.



In terms of comfort, the Logitech G335 is excellent. I’m serious. The earcups are soft, breathable memory ear cups, and the head support on top is a headband that is adjustable, reversible, and, most importantly for me, washable, rather than a sponge-like material connected to the frame.


It’s really great given that these headphones only weigh around 240 grams. During my time playing Alien: Fireteam Elite with my buddies with this headset, it was a lot of fun, and playing for hours with the headphones on had no pain, no warm sensation, and no compression over my skull. Logitech hit the nail on the head.

If you’re concerned about the fit, particularly if you wear glasses, you should be OK since it keeps them in position and doesn’t cause discomfort when worn for extended periods of time.

Inside the Box & Specifications


To begin, we have some papers, a Logitech G Sticker, the Logitech G335 itself, and a 3.5mm Combination to 3.5mm Audio and Mic Splitter for people who don’t have a combo jack and must use the two dedicated inputs instead. There are no physical controls on the wire, but there is a volume slider on the headset, and the microphone is connected and has a flip-to-mute button rather than a physical mute switch.


The Logitech G335 just has the basic necessities in terms of specifications. This is a 40mm driver with a 36 Ohm impedance and an 87.5 Db SPL/mW sensitivity. We obtain a unidirectional Cardioid Pickup Pattern based microphone for the microphone. I was expecting the headsets to utilize their own Logi Drivers, but they don’t – most likely to save money. And, since it connects via 3.5mm jack, there is no support for programs on the PC to manage or modify the EQ Curves.



Because that is what consumers will be buying it for, our experience with the Logitech G335 Gaming Headset will be primarily focused on gaming. That said, we tested it out with titles like Doom: Eternal, Alien: Firestrike Elite, and Tom Clancy Ghost Recon during my time with it.


To my amazement, Logitech went to great lengths to fine-tune these drivers. They are unmistakably treble-focused, covering a wide spectrum of mids and highs — they sound bright and have a somewhat chilly sound character. Lows, on the other hand, may be tolerated. The bass response on these speakers is a bit flat, and they don’t provide the immersiveness that you’d expect in a gaming headset while dealing with explosions, and you won’t be able to use the surround capabilities since it lacks them.


Another reason we tried the aforementioned games was to pick up the nuances coming from different directions as you fight the enemy. For the most part, it did its best to pick up as much as it could, but there were hit-or-miss moments where you’d suddenly hear them as if they were generalized sounds rather than hearing them on the left side when the Xenomorphs swarm after you. It’s great to listen to music and remember you’re not looking for subtleties, but the Logitech G335 is clearly a gaming headset, with music coming in last on the priority list. But, without any software or additional capabilities like Surround Sound or anything to back it up, it’s very impressive.

The microphone, on the other hand, is unidirectional and has a cardioid pickup pattern; in our tests, it sounded a little nasal or claustrophobic, but even without a windbreaker or mic protective sleeve, it did an excellent job of clearing away the unnecessary noise we make that tends to sound sharp. One thing I wish it had was a real physical switch to mute the microphone, since it does provide some comfort, or an indication that it is muted. We’re not sure how many times you can fold it up and down to mute or unmute it, so be careful.

You may listen to a sample of our work below.



Finding a cheap gaming headset is never simple, and in a sea of budget headphones that promise to do everything but leave a lot to be desired, the Logitech G335 are definitely a fantastic entry level gaming headset, bringing excellent looks, amazing comfort, and a sound quality that’s fairly sharp. It costs about RM269, which may seem pricey, but you won’t regret picking it up from the shelf or checking it out of your basket.

If you’re looking for anything with 7.1 channels, the CM MH650 is a good option.

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We’d like to thank Logitech Malaysia for giving us with the Logitech G335 to evaluate and create this content.

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