Loose Women stars stunned at scene from Breastfeeding My Boyfriend

This week’s episode of Loose Women was interrupted by a scene from the film Breastfeeding My Boyfriend. The ladies were discussing breastfeeding and one woman turned to her husband, who revealed he had breastfed another man in public before. Things got awkward when it transpired that this wasn’t his first time doing so!

The “loose women’s clothes today” is a scene from the British television show, Breastfeeding My Boyfriend. The scene shows two of the stars, Denise Welch and Nadia Sawalha, sitting on the floor in their underwear, watching an episode of the show.


The panelists on Loose Women had an unexpected start to the show when they were surprised by excerpts from Channel 4’s Breastfeeding My Boyfriend.

Lana Michaels and her fiancé Shawn were featured in the documentary, and they spoke up about how nursing has helped them connect on a deeper level, allowing cameras to record them in the process.

Jane Moore, Kaye Adams, Linda Robson, and Sunetra Sarker of Loose Women couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the tape.

Sunetra remarked, ‘This is terrible on so many levels.’ ‘How much material did they need to develop a full-fledged television show on this?!

‘It makes me uneasy; I had no idea this was a thing, and I still don’t think it is; it seems extremely specialized.’

‘I had no idea you could nurse if you hadn’t recently had a kid,’ says the mother. ‘It has nothing to do with feeding,’ Linda said, while Jane countered, ‘It has nothing to do with feeding.’ It’s a sexual fetish,’ she says.

“Different strokes for different individuals,” Kaye acknowledged, but added, “I believe it would be better portrayed as a sexual obsession.”

‘This observational documentary cuts through the stigma around the intimate act of adult nursing, and featured people who freely and honestly spoke about their own experiences as a vital part of their relationship and life,’ according to Channel 4’s statement to Metro.co.uk.

While the program has astonished many, Lana and Shawn have said that they intended to break the stigma of adult nursing.

Shawn told Metro.co.uk, ‘It’s absolutely different [than nursing in public].’ ‘When we grow up, it’s simply a regular way of communicating with the other person.’

‘As we get older, we begin to explore sex, and as we do so, we discover that there are many other ways to connect with another person.’

Channel 4 has further information.

‘Breastfeeding amongst adults develops a very powerful link that helps you understand and love the other person since you’re not just sharing milk but also absorbing the energy from the other person.’

‘Women’s’ breasts have always been sexual, and males have always liked women’s breasts,’ Lana said. You may relate it to feet: a lot of people adore feet and have foot fetishes that are much more widespread than nursing, yet we don’t hide our feet or wear sandals.’

ITV’s Loose Women airs daily at 12:30 p.m. On Loose Women, you can catch up on Breastfeeding My Boyfriend.

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‘He caused us a lot of grief,’ Katie Price said of Ben Stokes”mocking’ of Harvey’s viral Loose Women episode.

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The “Loose Women stars stunned at scene from Breastfeeding My Boyfriend” is a scene in a recent episode of the British soap opera, “Coronation Street”. The scene depicts a woman breastfeeding her boyfriend. Reference: coronation street.

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