Measure “A” Oversight Committee Reports Good Use of Funds •

The Board of Supervisors is required to report on the use of funds they have control over, which includes their budgeting process and how money is being spent. These reports are often full with pleasant reading for taxpayers and good news about public spending. The County has a Citizen Oversight Committee dedicated to ensuring this reporting is done properly, but often times it’s not easy because there isn’t a single person in charge of overseeing these reports. So what should be done?

The “ausd website” is a committee that was created to oversee the use of funds. They have reported good use of funds, which is something that is not often seen.

Measure “A” Oversight Committee Reports Good Use of Funds •

Templeton authorizes a pay raise for a few county employees.

TEMPLETON — On Tuesday, Dec. 7, at 7 p.m., the Templeton Community Services District (TCSD) had its regularly scheduled meeting.

The conference opened with a report from the Sheriff’s Office of San Luis Obispo County. The report featured updates on changes in events over the previous several months, as well as a focus on the rise in thefts that occur over the Christmas season. The Sheriff advised everyone to secure their automobiles and not leave valuables visible, since this would invite break-ins. Additionally, placing parcels or mail on the porch or in mailboxes is not recommended.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) report followed the Sheriff’s report, which kept mainly on track from previous years, with the exception of one speeding charge over 100 mph. The CHP also said that two officers just retired and that they would be filling those jobs as soon as feasible.

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Then came the pinning of a new firefighter’s badge, Ryan Ventura, who is moving to the neighborhood with his wife and two young children from Southern California. Before becoming a fireman, Ryan worked in restaurants and insurance, and the station is already benefiting from his culinary skills.

The consent agenda was approved by a vote of 5-0. The previous meeting minutes, the appointment of Keri Dodson as clerk to the Board, and the passage of Ordinance 2021-6, governing organic waste disposal, were all accepted on the consent agenda.

Committee Chairperson Dan Mosunich presented a report to the Measure “A” Oversight Committee. When voters approved Measure “A,” ordinance 1-2019 was passed, requiring the formation of a Citizens Oversight Committee. The Committee’s job is to monitor and assess the District’s yearly spending from the special tax earnings. The money are being used responsibly, and the increase in funding is leading to enhanced community services, such as the 24/7 fire station manning that has been established, according to the study.

Following that, the Board authorized a new pay schedule and salary compensation table, as well as raises for the Fire Chief, District Engineer, and other employees. This was done after a research revealed that the reward for the expertise of the employees was not comparable with other districts. In addition, the necessity to alter the pay scale has been exacerbated by the rise in inflation. For the same reasons, the following item, a change to Cafeteria Benefits for workers employed after May 2014, was accepted.

The Board then discussed restructuring, with Debra Logan being re-elected as president and Director Petersen being promoted to Vice President. These motions received a 5-0 vote.

The General Manager’s report emphasized the Main Street Stroll in downtown Templeton on Dec. 18, which would be a wonderful event for everyone to attend.

The next TCSD meeting is scheduled for Dec. 21, but there are no agenda items for that meeting at this moment, so it’s likely that it may be canceled if there are no concerns to discuss. The meeting links, as well as the agenda when it becomes available, may be found on the District’s website at

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The “atascadero high school graduation 2021” is a report that was released by the “Measure A Oversight Committee Reports Good Use of Funds”. The report shows that the funds were used for good.

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