NBA Rumors: 3 Former Kevin Durant Teammates That Could Help The Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets are one of the NBA’s most intriguing teams this season. With a new head coach, a roster full of young talent, and a superstar in Kevin Durant, the Nets have been an exciting team to watch from afar. However, they haven’t been able to make any noise on the court yet.

The where is kevin durant from is a question that has been asked recently. Kevin Durant recently left the Oklahoma City Thunder to join the Brooklyn Nets and many people are wondering what team he’s from.

Kevin Durant teammates

The Brooklyn Nets are headed by Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving, who form a formidable big three. If they stay healthy, they will be the favourites to win the title next season. A contender must have a deep bench, since strong reserve players may lighten the burden on top players throughout the regular season.

Free agency may be a chance for the Nets to bolster their bench by pursuing some of Kevin Durant’s old colleagues. Kevin Durant is a superstar with a lot of clout in the league, and he may be able to persuade some of his former colleagues to join him in winning a championship. Nothin’ But Nets’ Mike Luciano offered three guys that used to play with Durant and might assist the Brooklyn Nets.

The first player on the list is JaVale McGee, a former Golden State Warriors teammate of Durant’s. JaVale McGee has been a member of many championship teams and accomplishes everything a seasoned center should do. On the attacking end, he defends the rim, grabs rebounds, and finishes at the hoop. Adding a guy who gives you the choice to go big, particularly on a veteran minimum, might be helpful. The Brooklyn Nets played small-ball pretty successfully during these playoffs, but adding a player who gives you the option to go big could be useful.

McGee, who was a teammate of Durant’s with the Warriors, has already established himself as a competent rebounder and shot-blocker on a championship-caliber squad. Brooklyn is in desperate need of a player with McGee’s precise skill set.

Handshake agreements have been a breeding environment for some crazy NBA deals, and Team USA has been a breeding ground for them. You’re being deceived if you don’t believe Durant is selling McGee on the idea of going to Brooklyn, earning a starting position, and contending for yet another title.

McGee’s offensive game may not be as valuable outside of the paint as it is in the paint, and he will be 34 in the middle of next season, but the Nets shouldn’t be concerned. All they need is McGee to show up and play in the same manner that has allowed him to have such a successful career in this league. He should also be low-cost.

Next up is Enes Kanter, who was a teammate of Durant’s in Oklahoma City. On the offensive end, Enes Kanter is a highly competent center, and despite his defensive shortcomings, he may still be a fantastic option for teams looking for quick scoring off the bench. With his skill in the post, he might provide them with a new method to attack opposition defenses.

Kanter has been a bit of a nomad in recent years, moving around from club to team in trades while putting up some impressive scoring numbers. When the big man came in Oklahoma City through trade, Durant and Kanter briefly shared the court, and a reunion might happen.

Last season, Kanter averaged 11.2 points and 11.0 rebounds per game, his second complete season of double-digit scoring and rebounding. The big guy connected on 60% of his shots, demonstrating that there are few better interior finishers on the low block than him.

While Griffin was able to offer some inside scoring as well as 3-point shooting, Kanter will be a more conventional center and screen-setter, making the Nets even more dangerous if they chose to slice straight into the heart of the defense.

Kanter may not offer the greatest defensive return, but he’d be a good match for the Nets, who need some warm bodies capable of providing height and scoring down low to prevent becoming a one-dimensional club.

Finally, Luciano suggests Andre Iguodala, a seasoned SF who played for the Golden State Warriors during their heyday. Andre Iguodala comes off the bench to offer defense and playmaking, and his playoff and Finals experience might be beneficial to a team looking to win it all. Iguodala is at his best when there is a lot of scoring around him, which the Brooklyn Nets have enough of.

Iguodala has a $15 million club option for next season, but given that his greatest days may be behind him, the Heat may choose to let him go rather than pay such a high price to keep him. If he reaches free agency, he may rejoin with Durant, a former Golden State teammate.

The three-time champion traded in his flashy numbers from his Philadelphia days for a flexible defensive switchblade capable of some thunderous dunks for a contender. With Durant and Harden on the wing, Brooklyn has plenty of scoring options, but Iguodala may give them the edge they need.

Victories seem to follow Iguodala everywhere he goes. Even though he wasn’t the team’s leading scorer, his ability to offer consistency and defense on an inexperienced squad helped them pull off numerous shocks last season. Despite the fact that Brooklyn has more experience, Iguodala’s presence would be appreciated.

There is no doubt that these three veterans would be a fantastic match for the Brooklyn Nets, and maybe Kevin Durant could persuade them to reunite with him and be a part of a championship-caliber squad.

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