New Earthquake Research Unveiled On Great ShakeOut Day

The Great ShakeOut was the largest earthquake drill in history, with over 10 million people participating worldwide. It took place on October 19th, 2018 and is an annual event to practice emergency preparedness.

The when is great shakeout 2021 is a day where people can practice earthquake safety. On this day, the United States Geological Survey released new research on earthquakes.

(CBSLA) – LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – People may be without mobile service for weeks if the big one strikes. According to the most recent seismic studies, the devastation in Southern California may be nearly unfathomable.

The public was encouraged to prepare for the expected “big one” in California on Thursday, which was designated as “Great ShakeOut Day” by emergency planners.

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New study released today gives the public a chilling glimpse into what life could be like after the “big one” on the San Andreas fault.

According to new USGS estimates, if a large earthquake struck the bay region — like the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake – 93 percent of all mobile phones would be down – potentially for weeks.

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Dr. Lucy Jones, a seismologist, said, “Most cell towers in California have four hours of backup power.” “If we lose power for much longer than that, we’ll lose the capacity to even text.”

The loss may bring 911 services to a halt, making it difficult to communicate with loved ones.

“The system is about to become overburdened.” “Sometimes you can’t get a call through during rush hour, and you won’t get a call through,” Dr. Jones said. “However, texting uses a lot less bandwidth. There are a lot more messages that can get through where a phone call can’t.”

On Thursday, the California Institute of Technology hosted a virtual town hall with the newest simulations on what the “big one” in Southern California might look like with a 7.8 magnitude epicenter in the Coachella Valley along the San Andreas fault.

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The animation depicted frightening progression, severe shaking, and massive energy rushing up from the San Gabriel Valley and LA Basin. For close to two minutes, the shaking continued unabated.

“The Shake Out scenario that began the exercise was a 7.8 on the San Andreas, and our modeling predicted 1,800 deaths, with half of them dying in flames,” Dr. Jones stated.


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According to the most recent estimates, a quarter-million people have been relocated, 300,000 structures have been severely damaged, 50,000 people have been wounded, and 1,800 people have died.

According to the study, fires would account for half of all fatalities. Firefighters may not be able to access severely damaged areas due to broken water mains in northern Orange County, and hundreds of square blocks in the Los Angeles basin, which is home to tens of thousands of tightly packed wood frame structures, will burn.

“A magnitude 7 or 7.5 earthquake near Puente Hills, Hollywood, or Santa Monica – or the Newport Inglewood Fault.” “Those have the potential to kill tens of thousands of people,” Dr. Jones warned.

Our state has been prepared for the big one for some time, according to Dr. Jones.

“California has put a strong emphasis on life safety. Our main concern with earthquakes is that no one can be killed. You may choose to be a total financial failure, but you can’t murder someone in the process,” Dr. Jones remarked. “Our structures do a fantastic job of not collapsing.” Our biggest dangers come from aging structures that aren’t up to code.”

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According to the current estimates, following a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, there may be decades of aftershocks, with many above 6.0 magnitude.

The ca great shakeout 2021 is a new earthquake research that has been unveiled on Great ShakeOut Day.

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