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Being a patron in a game is one of the best ways to support people in their endeavours. By being a patron you can get real time updates of the game you are supporting, thus making the game more immersive. Also, it lets you help out with feedback, information, support, and other things depending on the game. But what happens when the game becomes popular and the community becomes more active? What if your fellow patrons grow to be more than your friends? A good way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to make sure you don’t become an aggressive or rude patron.

Patrons are essential to keeping your servers running, so it’s important to understand how they work and how to work with them.

In order to be a successful patron, you have to know the different ways to get patrons by using tricks. For example, you can have a free gift from a free gift box, a temporary gift from a gift box that you created, a gift by a random patron, a gift from a gallery, a gift from a previous patron, a gift from a friend, a gift from a member.

Patron is the newest city-building game to hit Steam. The game’s tutorial, on the other hand, isn’t as comprehensive as we would have liked, leaving a lot to trial and error. We’ve taken our errors and turned them into the ultimate Patron beginner’s guide.

Patron has a number of small hints and suggestions that may help you develop your town and keep your people healthy and flourishing.

1. Hide Trees to Assist in Construction

This is definitely one of the most helpful things I’ve come across, despite the fact that it’s just a basic Patron tip.

It may be difficult to tell where pathways are being constructed while constructing in or near the forest. Trees may frequently block your perspective, making it difficult to get everything just perfect.

You can turn trees on and off by hitting T, which makes it much simpler to see what you’re constructing.


2. Place Signposts Throughout

One of the most essential aspects of any city management game is logistics. Because Patron is so tough at first, you’ll want items to move as fast as can.

By ensuring that there are signposts in every direction, you may expect your people to move 5% faster. While this isn’t a significant increase, it’s worth spending the effort to make as many signposts as necessary for the sake of one wood.


3. Support Immigrants

Immigration is a difficult nut to crack if you’re new to Patron. This is why, as I stated in my Patron review earlier this week, I reached out to the development team to learn more about how immigration impacts Patron.

  • Have a large number of homes. No matter how big the home is, it can only fit one family. More people will join your colony if you have spare homes.
  • Houses should be built near businesses. The closer the homes are together, the better your prospects of recruiting additional residents are.
  • Upgrade your residences. The kind of homes you construct will have an impact on the number of immigrants that come to your city.
  • Stockpiles of resources. Making sure your city has adequate resources is a less apparent Patron technique. People are more inclined to join if they see how well your community is doing.
  • Happiness. No one wants to relocate to a town or city where the residents are dissatisfied. Ascertain that religion, safety, luxury goods, and other requirements are fulfilled.
  • Decorations. Items for beautification make your town happy, and as previously said, a happy town attracts more people.
  • Decrees. Deeds may be added to your townhall once they’ve been studied. Immigration decrees have the potential to boost immigration in Patron by 30%.

Keep an eye on the number of people in your area.

Of course, having more immigrants when you first start playing Patron is crucial. You should, however, keep an eye on this. Make sure you don’t invite more guests than you can accommodate. Make sure you have adequate shelter and resources to sustain them at all times.

For example, it’s extremely simple to run out of firewood unexpectedly.

4. Improve Buildings and Cut Costs

Most structures offer a set of improvements that may help you save money. Some of them will lower the cost of resources like wood or tools, while others will lower the amount of coins required to maintain the structure.

Patron building upgrades

The upgrades menu is accessed by pressing L. You can check how many times each building has been improved and how many improvements are remaining in this section.

There are also improvements that enhance each building’s production, which are worth keeping an eye on as well.

5. Don’t Be Hasty With Your Research

I made the same error on the first couple of playthroughs. I tried to push research as fast as I could, similar to how I did in Kingdoms Reborn.

Spend your money on improvements rather than research, and your city will quickly accumulate resources. This will also postpone the time when you must begin addressing the demands of workers and other classes above the peasantry.

6. Make Use Of Grid And Other Views

Patron’s various perspectives may be cycled between by pressing G. Each of these provides useful information for ensuring flawless production in-game.

  • Grid: You may use this to construct ideal roads, fences, and other structures by following the grid system for placement instructions.
  • Ore: This indicates where ore may be found. There are currently no resource specific ore regions, thus any mine or quarry will function well in a green ore area.
  • Fertility: This will show you the fertility of the earth and assist you in deciding where the most productive farms should be located.

7. Select the Correct Map

Each map has advantages and disadvantages. I suggest beginning with one of the simplest tough maps if you’re new to Patron. Load the map and look for resources in the beginning region before investing too much time.

This will make your first run go more smoothly. It may eventually seem to be too basic, but for now, it’s better to keep things simple. Once you’ve figured out how to play the game, go on to a more difficult map.

8. Go through the manual.

You may not have noticed, but there’s a game manual in the game’s installation directory. Before embarking on the task of building your own city, be sure you go through everything and familiarize yourself with the game.

9. Understand The Crucial Bindings

Learning the key bindings is important if you want to become an experienced Patron player. Patron’s brief tutorial discusses some of the game’s graphs, perspectives, and displays. However, there are still a few things that aren’t clear. These skills may help you run your city more efficiently.

  • G – Toggle Grid: This toggles the grid overlays’ visibility.
  • P – Show Status: This toggles the top-left panel, which displays resources and population, on or off.
  • I – Inventory Display: This provides you with a comprehensive picture of your existing stock as well as the ability to set production limits.
  • J – Show Jobs Board: Using this panel, you may manage where individuals work.
  • U – Show Research Tree: This displays the research tree, which allows you to look into new technologies.
  • Show Townhall Panel (K): This brings up the town hall window, where you may make decrees.
  • M – Minimap Show/Hide: Displays or conceals the minimap.
  • V – Resident Panel: This panel displays comprehensive information on each of your city’s inhabitants, such as their growth and happiness levels.
  • O – Annual Show: This displays current happenings such as people turning 18 and new infants being born.
  • Show Structures (L): This displays all of your buildings, as well as their current upgrade levels.
  • T – Hide / Show Trees: This conceals or reveals all trees in the game, making it simpler to construct.
  • F1 – Quick Save: Saves the game without requiring a menu visit.
  • F8 – Photo Mode: Allows you to fly about the city without having to use a user interface to capture screenshots.
  • Pressing the spacebar will pause the game, but you will still be able to construct and govern the city.
  • H – Townhall: This shifts the camera to your townhall.
  • 1-4 – Speed: Changing the game’s speed by pressing 1 to 4 will alter the game’s speed.

Patron has a number of useful information panels that you may not be aware of. These are very helpful, so memorize the key bindings and begin investigating how your city operates.

10. Keep a Variety of Foods on Hand

In Patron, happiness is a crucial component of success. Food has a significant effect on happiness, so be sure to prepare a variety of foods.

Fishing cottages, for example, may be converted into crab farms, allowing you to expand your food supply. Make sure you have several food production facilities, each capable of producing different kinds of food.

11. Buildings That Aren’t In Use Are Free

There will be moments when you no longer need a certain structure. You may stop production and remove the employees assigned to it rather than destroy a structure you might need again in the future.

The dock is an excellent illustration of this. This structure requires money to maintain; but, if no one works there, it no longer costs money to operate and just sits idle, costing you nothing.

This manner, you can always rehire someone from this building if it is required again. When I wish to trade, I usually have someone work at the port, make the deal, and then immediately remove them out of the docks, saving me money.

12. Make Space for Markets and Other Structures

It may be tempting to cram as many homes as possible into your housing zones. To be honest, having fewer shrines, watchtowers, and wells would assist with security, health, and religion.

Patron Game review

However, as the game progresses, you will unlock markets and other structures that have a beneficial impact on your housing areas. It’s critical to create space for them in the latter stages of the game; else, you’ll have to destroy some homes.

13. Make wise event selections

Throughout the game, events will occur that will have a greater impact on the remainder of the game than you may think.

Make sure you read them thoroughly, evaluate the implications for your demographic, and make an informed decision. Something may benefit you in the near term, but it may have an impact on trade prices for the remainder of the game.

When an event appears, hovering over each option will display you your current status with your friends, allowing you to decide if it’s worth doing or not.

If you’d like to continue playing Patron games on your smartphone, but don’t want to get bored with your current options, then this guide is for you. In this article, we’ll cover tricks to help you become a better patron and get more out of your play time.. Read more about patreon logo and let us know what you think.

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