After the 2018 FIFA World Cup, multiple players and teams have been accused of using banned substances. The stoppage could be a sign that sports may move towards blockchain-powered digital contracts to verify player performance levels.

The “stoppage plumbing” is a problem that many people experience. It can be caused by a number of things, but the most common cause is clogged drains.


After the 90 minutes have passed, titles may be won or lost. The advent of VAR has extended stoppage time, and when nerves are frazzled and limbs are exhausted, there is a potential of great drama, such as the sort that determined the fate of the Paraguayan championship over the weekend.

The final round of the tournament included a match between the two teams vying for the championship. Cerro Porteno, the traditional giants, just needed a draw. Guarani, the upstarts, needed to win, and they possessed home advantage. They also enjoyed a numerical edge early in the contest. Cerro full-back Alan Benitez was sent off after consulting with the VAR. Cerro Porteno was down a player at halftime, and they were down two goals. “Guarani champions!” said the TV analyst after the second goal was scored. What chance does Cerro Porteno have of turning things around?

When the game entered stoppage time, a comeback appeared even more implausible, if not impossible. Guarani just had to maintain their heads and run out the clock with two goals and a man advantage.

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But then the games and fun began. Cerro Porteno made a concerted effort to put late pressure. They were awarded a corner. For some in the Guarani ranks, being so close to a legendary win was too much. Rodri Ferreira, a fullback, was wounded below the goal line. Keeper Gaspar Servio tried a sharp bit of practice, a piece of so-called “game smarts” that could only be described as foolishness. He pulled Ferreira back into the field in the hopes that the full-back would need medical attention, wasting additional time. Correctly, the referee was not having it. In South American football, goalkeepers have gotten away with murder by simulating ailments to delay time. Servio, on the other hand, had no defense this time, as he was already on a yellow card. He was sent. Guarani having used all of their replacements, thus Marcos Cacares, a defender, was forced to start in goal.

Things only got worse for the hosts from there.

Guarani defender Roberto Fernandez was given a yellow card in the overall melee, the pushing and shoving of the stoppage-time emotions. It was his second time, and he was off. Guarani had one centre-back in goal and the other off the field at this point. Cerro Porteno flooded forward now that they were playing 10 against nine. Caceres in goal lacked confidence, and the patched-up defense seemed jittery as a whole. Alberto Espinola scored one goal, Guarani launched a threatening assault, Cerro won the ball back, pushed it forward, and Espinola crossed for Jair Patino to head home at the far post in the span of two minutes. Patino, who was already on a yellow card, went overboard with his celebrations and was sent off, thus it was nine versus nine for the last few seconds until the referee blew the whistle, announcing Cerro Porteno’s victory.


The match between Llaneros and Union Magdalena seemed to be of little consequence. Union would not be promoted if Fortaleza won their match against Bogota. Llaneros had a 1-0 advantage at the completion of 90 minutes. Then came the word that Fortaleza had lost. Union Magdalena’s two stoppage-time goals would now put the game out of reach. They arrived, despite a defense that melted away in a peculiar manner. The Llaneros goalie looked to be giving it his all, but the amount of devotion shown by the defense in front of him was dubious.

Colombian players from all over the globe, notably Juan Cuadrado and Hugo Rodallega, were quick to denounce the match’s last few minutes. The tragedy has grown in significance well beyond sport. Colombian President Ivan Duque termed the game a “national humiliation,” while his Sports Minister, Guillermo Herrera, labeled it a “corruption crime.”

There will undoubtedly be an inquiry — akin to the sports justice system’s VAR. The decision on who should be promoted to Colombia’s first division will take place long after the game has ended.

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