TitanReach’s angel investor says he funded it because the team is ‘passionate, hard working, and lucky’

Angel investor and TitanReach co-founder, Ben Dives, says he funded the company because of its team’s passion, hard work, and luck.

The titanreach funding is an article about the angel investment that TitanReach received. It says that the company was funded because of their passion, hard work, and luck.


The game was completely financed with no strings attached by a single mystery donor, which is the latest strange episode in the TitanReach story. If the tale seems too good to be true, check out this video from YouTuber KiraTV, who interviewed the game’s angel investor and Square Root Studios co-founder Unravel about the process.

Throughout the video, the investor stays unknown, but Kira says that money has changed hands and that there are no strings connected other than playing the greatest game possible and spending the money wisely. According to the investor, he learned about TitanReach’s predicament via social media, conducted some research, and decided to finance the business.

“You must be enthusiastic. You must put forth a lot of effort. After conducting some investigation, the investor discovered a “hardworking, committed, and passionate crew that has been attempting to create something interesting with very few resources at their disposal, and that checked off [his] boxes of ‘passionate, hardworking, and lucky.’”

According to the investor’s interview, he is also a developer, but he has never played TitanReach and has limited time to play games owing to business and personal commitments. He otherwise has no desire to contribute to the game’s development and, despite allegedly having done so with another unidentified dev company that took the money and fled, is open to financing other gaming ventures in the future.

When Unravel was initially contacted about the investment, he was dubious as well, until he gave the investor his payment information and received double the amount of money.

“I took a 30-minute pause after confirming it was genuine, embraced my wife and kids, and wandered around the house in shock, trying to comprehend what had just occurred and what was about to happen. […] I was in a situation where I could have blocked this individual and purchased a beautiful home and a Tesla without worrying about my family’s future. I prefer to think of myself as a trustworthy and loyal person, but I’d be lying if I said the idea never crossed my mind in this situation.”

According to Unravel, eight members of TitanReach’s original team remain, but that number will be increased to 23, with all employees receiving industry-standard wages rather than minimum wage and dedicated roles for more important positions as a result of the investment, while the game’s scope and feature set will remain unchanged. Future alpha testing and development blogs are in the works, but scaling up development and other arrangements will take some time.

Finally, Kira asked Unravel what he wanted to say to people who are still dubious about this new development, and Unravel responded as follows:

“Let’s not get this mixed up. It seems to be too wonderful to be true. Every hour, I pinch myself. This is never the case. […] You have nothing to lose since I am not asking for your money. Simply believe that there are rich individuals out there – at least one — who do wonderful things for those who need it the most.”

Readers may remember that we first covered TitanReach in 2020, when the company revealed plans for Indiegogo after a $430,000 US Kickstarter failed to finance; when we cited it as an example of crowdfund abuse, the studio maintained that its Indiegogo would not utilize flexible financing. That campaign, however, never materialized, and the company stated that the game need financing or it would be “all over.” The company then proceeded to launch a flexible-funding credit shop, followed by a hastily withdrawn statement on working conditions and wages. The game was first released with paid early access in spring 2021, however it was later made free-to-play this summer. The company acknowledged that it was out of money and work had been stopped only weeks after announcing an ambitious roadmap with intentions to debut in 2022. It’s now switched back on.


The titanreach price is the highest-valued cryptocurrency in the world. It was created by TitanReach, a company that raised $30 million in an initial coin offering (ICO) last year.

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