Twitch Streamer Earnings Increase for Top Gamers, Data From Hack Shows

As Twitch streamers continue to rake in the dollars, data from a recent hack shows that there is no shortage of viewers. The hackers were able to gain access to email addresses and passwords for some of the most popular players on Twitch.

The how much does twitch pay is a question that has been asked for a while. A recent hack of Twitch’s database revealed that the salaries of top streamers have increased significantly over time.

According to a Wall Street Journal study of data made public in a high-profile breach, the top 1% of Twitch broadcasters earned almost half of the money paid out in 2021.

The Wall Street Journal examined almost 4.9 million income accounts made accessible by a member of the internet discussion site 4chan who claimed to have access to payment data. Inc. AMZN -0.42 percent owns the business, which could not be contacted for comment. It has confirmed that some data was incorrectly made public owing to a Twitch server configuration mistake, but it has not validated the legitimacy or integrity of the logs that were published.

So far this year, the streaming network, which is most known for its gaming broadcasters, has paid out $889 million, up from $517 million in the same time in 2020. Twitch broadcasters usually make money through paid subscriptions to their channels and advertising on the site, but only after achieving specific viewing numbers.

While a tiny number of streamers have earned seven-figure sums from the pool, three-quarters of those who have made any money this year have made less than $120.

According to the data provided by the individual who claimed to have access to internal Twitch information, the WSJ research removed 896,261 accounts from the report that earned no money or lost money between July 2019 and September 2021.

Many of the stolen payment numbers were commensurate with what Twitch broadcasters received on the site, according to those who identified themselves as Twitch streamers on social media. The Journal compared pay stubs from one streamer to the identical records in the stolen data and found that the payment totals for most months were within 25 cents. The WSJ has been unable to independently verify the data that has been released.

According to the WSJ, the highest-paid Twitch streamer earned more over $5 million this year. In 2021, the highest-earning account of the previous year, a group of “Dungeons & Dragons” gamers, earned close to $4 million. Other sources of revenue, such as corporate sponsors, tipping services, and gaming publishers, are not included in these statistics.

The financial data in the breach date back to July 2019, revealing Twitch’s fast growth throughout the epidemic. The sum paid out to streamers has almost quadrupled in little under two years, reaching approximately $100 million per month.

These wealth aren’t dispersed equally. So far this year, half of all streamers who have received payments have earned less than $28, a far cry from the millions earned by the top earners. Twitch, on the other hand, only pays out if a streamer’s total income exceeds $100. Only 0.06 percent of those who stream earn more than the $67,521 median family income in the United States. The top 1,000 accounts generated a fourth of total income.

In 2021, revenue will be divided by user.

This year, just 5% of users have earned more than $1,000.


This year, just 5% of users have earned more than $1,000.


This year, just 5% of users have earned more than $1,000.

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