Two women with new allegations among 10 to file police complaints against Texans QB Deshaun Watson

The Houston Texans quarterback, Deshaun Watson, is being accused of sexual assault by two women. Watson has denied the allegations and is currently under investigation.

The two women with new allegations among 10 to file police complaints against Texans QB Deshaun Watson is a recent article that has been circulating on the internet. It includes new allegations of sexual assault and domestic violence.

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According to Watson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, ten women have made complaints with Houston police regarding Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson.

On Monday, Hardin talked with ESPN about the status of his client’s criminal and civil proceedings.

“Ten ladies have filed complaints with the [Houston] police department,” Hardin added.

Hardin claims that eight of the ladies are among the 22 women who have filed lawsuits alleging that Watson sexually attacked them or participated in sexually improper conduct during massage sessions.

Hardin claims that two of the women who have made complaints with Houston cops have not filed lawsuits against Watson.

“There are a few of ladies about whom we have no information,” Hardin added.

Hardin admitted that he knows the names of the ten women who have filed criminal charges, including two who are not engaged in civil action, but he refused to provide them to ESPN.

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When contacted on Monday, Houston police would to comment on the investigation or the number of women who had made complaints.

Watson and his legal team, according to Hardin, have worked completely with Houston police and the Harris County District Attorney’s office.

Hardin said, “We’re working with both of them and giving them with information.”

“We’re working closely with the cops. We’re completely working with the district attorney’s office, and we’ll do the same with the NFL whenever the criminal investigation is through.”

The NFL has yet to question Watson, as is customary in a pending criminal case, according to Hardin.

“We’ve made it plain to the NFL that when they’re ready to meet with us, we’ll be completely cooperative. But, out of respect for the criminal inquiry, they usually strive to wait until it’s over before approaching the accused.”

Houston attorney Tony Buzbee, who represents the 22 women suing Watson, said in a statement to ESPN on Monday that he and his legal team are still working on “22 civil lawsuits that make very severe and detailed accusations.”

“Almost half of these women have provided police sworn statements, and almost half have talked with the NFL’s investigation team as of today. Both procedures take a long time. We intend to give the NFL with further information from all victims “Buzbee said.

Hardin stated that although both parties have exchanged documents in the ongoing cases, depositions for the 22 women have yet to be scheduled. Depositions for the plaintiffs will begin in September, according to an agreement between the legal teams. Watson will not be removed from his position until February of next year.

The depositions are “basically going the usual path of any civil litigation,” Hardin added. “The precise dates as to who will travel when have not yet been determined. They will, however, begin in September.”

If Watson and any or all of the women who are suing him reach a deal, Hardin repeated his intention to make any settlement public, and Watson said he would not sign any agreement that included a confidentiality clause.

“I don’t want anybody to think this man bribed people to keep quiet, so if there was ever a settlement, it would have to be public, and both parties, [Watson] and the ladies, would be free to say anything they wanted to the world at large.”

Hardin said on Monday that he is not a part of the decision-making process over Watson’s football future.

Even before the off-the-field legal challenges this summer, the Texans quarterback has been the focus of trade speculation for months.

“Even while all of this is pending, teams are ready to leap now if the Texans would deal with them,” Hardin added. “There’s little doubt that several clubs, if not all, are still interested. The ball is now in the hands of the Texans.”

“I’m not concerned on Watson’s football career,” Buzbee told ESPN. “I’m focused on the welfare of the ladies he had contact with and aggressively pursuing their claims in court.”

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