Weekend Hot Topic, part 1: Most consistent video game series

In a world where video games are constantly evolving, what series has been the most consistent in terms of quality over time?

The best video game stories 2020 is a topic that many people are interested in. This article will give you some information on the most consistent and popular video game series.

Street Fighter V - is it time for a new sequel?

30 years of brilliance in Street Fighter (pic: Capcom)

From Metal Gear Solid to Metroid, readers debate which video game series have maintained the highest level of quality throughout time.

Reader Ishi proposed the topic for this week’s Hot Topic, asking which long-running series has the greatest track record. What measures has it taken to keep up with current trends, and where has it gone wrong?

There were many game options to choose from with so many brands marking important birthdays lately, with experienced Japanese companies like Nintendo, Capcom, and Konami faring especially well with many readers.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first time. Street Fighter is the game I’m going to choose. The only issue is that the first game is the only one that is terrible. However, I believe that no one, including Capcom, considers it to be a legitimate entry. Even if you disregard that, they’ve had 30 years of nonstop, top-tier fighting (Street Fighter 2 turns 30 this year?!). Until I checked, I had no clue).

There have been some terrible spin-offs, but I don’t believe there is a single brand that hasn’t, and I’m sure there are fans of the EX games and other franchises. Other games have had a rocky start – I don’t believe anybody enjoyed Alpha or Street Fighter 5 at first – but Capcom has worked hard to improve them and make them as popular as the others.

Capcom, in general, does a fantastic job with their brands, and Resident Evil in particular has been extremely consistent. There were some highs and lows, but 6 was the only one that was overtly unpleasant, which is quite an accomplishment. Especially because they were able to bounce back and get things back on track. Maestro

The rule is broken in this case. It’s tempting to blame Nintendo as a whole for this, since their greatest accomplishment is probably how consistent all of their major franchises have been. Metroid, though, is the one I’d choose out of the bunch. It has at least two flawless games, Super Metroid and Metroid Prime 1, and is responsible for the creation of an entire genre.

There are various debates over Metroid 2’s quality, but I felt the remake Metroid: Samus Returns was fantastic, and although some people dislike Metroid Fusion, I believe it’s fantastic, and Metroid Dread seems to be a good sequel.

However, there is one notable exception: Metroid: Other M, which is a complete disaster. A poor Metroid game, and a bad game in general, is the primary reason we haven’t gotten any more in recent years. Hopefully, the series will rebound, and Other M will fade away as a little blemish on an otherwise flawless resume. Shiban

In the world of Bizarro, Oh well, this is self-evident — the Sonic franchise! Isn’t this one of the best entries in the whole 30-year run?

Okay, really, it’s most likely a tie between the Zelda and Mario franchises. Isn’t it true that the Panasonic Zelda games were the worst? Isn’t it true that the Mario series has some poor edutainment games? But, hey, when your series’ worst installments are Super Mario Sunshine and Zelda: Twilight Princess, you’re still doing pretty well, right?

There’s also the Shenmue series to consider. Shenmue 3 exceeded my expectations in every way! DMR

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Dream-based empire Hats respect to the Total War franchise; finally, a game franchise that is consistent. Turn-based map strategy with real-time combat that have an impact on each other, with gradual upgrades and adjustments with each new release time period/setting.

If someone says they play one and you’ve only played one, you’ll understand precisely what they’re talking about. Unless, of course, you’re in the minority, like me, who hopes for an Empire sequel. Tundra

Scripted in stone Some would undoubtedly disagree, but I’d go with Metal Gear. That series has been running since the 1980s, and although certain episodes are clearly better than others, I’d say the overall quality has been great. Most significantly, they’re all quite different to me. It’s not like Call of Duty or anything where you play the same game again and over. Even when it didn’t quite work out, Kojima made an attempt to make each game unique, and I always found them interesting and enjoyable.

I believe it is also the only series in which the mainline entries were all created by the same person. Shigeru Miyamoto appears to have little hands-on participation with Mario and Zelda today, just supervising, while Kojima was in there working on everything from the 1980s until he was thrown out by Konami. And then you witnessed what happened to them, as well as the rest of the series.

Although, I guess, in some ways, they assisted him in cementing the franchise’s image at the time since he couldn’t create any more and whatever Konami did for them didn’t count. As a result, Metal Gear will always be the most reliable! Tubler

a set timetable Falcom, particularly the Trails series, is the most consistent game creator in my opinion.

They aren’t revolutionary, but in terms of releasing a solid game every year that is 80-100 hours long, has a fair narrative, and great fighting mechanics, I will gladly purchase the next in the series (so long as GC give it its blessing, of course). Michael (Michael) (Crawley)

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Fantasy that never ends I had to ponder a little about this one, but the mainline Final Fantasy games are the one series that has been running for years and has stayed constant. If the Fabula Nova Crystallis series and the MMO Final Fantasy 14 Online, as well as Final Fantasy 10-2, are treated as a subseries or something! Then, starting with the earliest games in the 1980s, it has had a fairly good run of some really fun and well-made games.

I’ve finished almost all of the major series, with the exception of a few of the older ones, and can confidently state that the quality is consistent throughout. The stories, in their own unique manner, have been an important component of the overall outstanding sum of its parts, along with other noteworthy elements that have explored and conveyed profound emotion better than many other well-known games, like Kingdom Hearts.

The creators’ masterstroke is that the new Final Fantasy 7 Remake has built on the original title’s gameplay mechanics, from Final Fantasy 10 onwards, and made them more fast and entertaining. The soundtrack has such an epic sense to it that I feel the same pulsating powerful musical feelings echoing from the very heart of the games from Final Fantasy 13 onwards, and continuing in the remake of Final Fantasy 7.

Even Final Fantasy 12 had a distinct personality that made it a classic in its own right, and the game’s remaster gained a large following over time and continues to do so today. As a result, the ironically titled franchise will never be complete in my opinion! Alucard

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