A Compelling Guide To Commander Lilith DLC in Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is a great game with even better DLC. I feel that some of the new characters are lacking in appeal, but others are incredibly interesting. One character in particular has all sorts of potential for fun new builds and play styles: Lilith

Lilith is the siren who was introduced in Borderlands 1 as Roland’s love interest. She was a modestly tough character with a few interesting abilities. However, Borderlands 1 gave her very little opportunity to be anything but a generic ‘glass cannon’ siren. In Borderlands 2, Lilith has been re-imagined as the supreme ruler of Sanctuary’s sister city of Eden, and she is now quite different from Maya in both attitude and abilities. Lilith is a unique character with a heavy focus on crowd control abilities and status effects.

How to Start Commander Lilith DLC

To start this DLC, you must first beat the main game. After that, simply select ‘Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary’ from the game’s Main Menu to begin your adventure! This is also where you can play as Roland if you have the $4.99 Commander Lilith DLC Season Pass.

What You’ll Get For Completing Commander Lilith DLC

Commander Lilith DLC includes a new story mission line, a side quest line for Tiny Tina, and an arena based on the Gee Bee racers from Borderlands 1. You’ll also get two new guns that are powerful crowd control weapons. There is also an achievement for finding all of the collectibles in the new areas (10 Battle Points). These new items are the Bee Shield and the Quasar Grenade.

When playing Lilith, your goal is to get enemies close together so you can unload on them all with powerful crowd control abilities like Phasewalk and Phalanx Shield . To do this, hang back near cover so enemies will come closer. Then, use your Phase Strike ability to teleport to an enemy and immediately activate your Phasewalk skill. This will cause Lilith to become invulnerable while phasing out for five seconds.

Once out of the way of enemy fire, target two or more enemies with a powerful melee attack like Kinetic Tempest . You’ll also want to debuff enemies with your passive ability, Res. Tide . This will lower enemy damage and movement speed in an area around Lilith. If you brought a siren friend like Maya or Gaige, you can use Team Huddle to also protect your friends while phasing out.

The New Enemies You’ll Face in the DLC

You will find sirens (Lilith’s former people) that can damage you with their minds. There is an enemy called the Progenitor who has a similar ability to Maya’s Phaselock, but on steroids. The Progenitors’ phaselock is more powerful and locks multiple targets in place.

Here’s a list of some other new enemies you’ll face in the DLC:

  • The Desecrator : This guy will set you on fire from a distance. He can also launch powerful shockwaves that send you flying backward.
  • Bogan : They look like cultists from Mad Max, but they can teleport and regenerate health while in the air.
  • Gatekeeper : This guy spawns in small exploding drones that can overwhelm you if you aren’t careful.
  • Lost Legion Powersuit : The Lost Legion are human soldiers who have been fused with machines. They go down fast, but they’ve got great firepower and can take a beating.

The New Areas in Commander Lilith DLC

You’ll visit many new areas while playing the Commander Lilith DLC mission line, including: an abandoned Dahl mining town, an Eridian Promontory overlooking the desert, and a giant Hyperion base that has been built inside of a huge crater. There is also a new fast travel station at the Dahl Headland, which is located on an undiscovered island that you can only reach by boat.

The main town of this DLC is called Oasis, and it’s built inside a tree like Sanctuary was in Borderlands 1. The entrance to the town is blocked off by sand until you complete the first story mission.

The collectibles you can find in the new areas include:

  • Phasewalker for Roland
  • A unique Dahl SMG called Phalanx
  • Eridian Promontory Journals for Tannis
  • Red Belly Logs for Scooter
  • Hyperion Locker Keys for Zed

After you complete the first story mission, a new vending machine will be available in Sanctuary.