Amazon Games Adds New Solution to Combat New World’s

Amazon has unveiled a new solution for their games and entertainment platform, which is designed to combat the increasing prevalence of cheating in multiplayer titles. The company will now use machine learning to detect and ban players who are using hacks or other unauthorized software.

The for flagging breakthrough games new world is a solution that Amazon has come up with in order to combat the rise of game developers that are using their platform.

The AFK timer in New World has proved to be very foolable, and developer Amazon Games has revealed a new method to deal with AFK users that keep attempting to escape it.

Its inclusion comes as a consequence of community outrage against AFK players who continue to discover methods to fool the game’s timer into believing they’re really playing, as well as attempts to decrease lengthy wait times and offer a smoother experience after the MMO’s hugely popular debut.

Amazon Games Adds New Solution to Combat New World's

Amazon Games Adds New Solution to Combat New World's

On the game’s forums, Community Manager HardcoreHenry stated, “We have noticed a lot of anger around people who may be artificially remaining active enough in servers to circumvent the automated AFK mitigation that is built into New World.”

“We all agree that this is unacceptable conduct, particularly when there are thousands of people waiting patiently to enter the world. We’ve developed a new tool to assist us in identifying and dealing with bad faith AFK users.”

The developer has “every confidence that players that are playing New World regularly will not encounter any problems,” according to the article, which doesn’t specify what the remedy is or how it works. If you’re discovered attempting to cheat the game’s AFK timer, you’ll be sent back to the main menu. Continue to do so, and severe sanctions will be imposed.

The new AFK solution from New World will be “rolled out over time” in the hopes of discouraging individuals from preventing others from joining.

To make up for the MMORPG’s launch issues, players will be offered a server move shortly. Our instructions on altering item skins and respec prices might be useful if you’re new to New World.

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