Can Jason Garrett keep the Giants’ offense rolling and his critics quiet?

The New York Giants have been a popular pick to win the NFC East this year. With their offense clicking, they are first in the conference and second overall in points per game. Quarterback Eli Manning has thrown for 2,834 yards with 17 touchdowns and two interceptions so far this season, while wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has caught 87 passes for 1,288 yards with 12 touchdowns.

The jason garrett chargers is a question about whether or not Jason Garrett can keep the Giants’ offense rolling and his critics quiet.

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — When the name of New York Giants offensive coordinator Jason Garrett is spoken, it nearly always evokes a response. The last 14 months have been largely unpleasant for Giants fans and anybody who has followed their offense.

Garrett’s offensive struggled last season, finishing 31st in yards and points, and it carried over into the early part of this season, when it resembled the 2020 version conceptually.

Garrett, the former head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, was placed in a dangerous situation as a result of it. He seemed to be on the verge of losing his job rather than emerging as a contender for a second shot as a head coach this summer.

Garrett’s strategy has been characterized as “stale” by one NFL executive lately to ESPN. According to the executive, it’s just another replica of Norv Turner’s antiquated 1990s Dallas offense with no useful contemporary twist.

However, in a 27-21 overtime victory against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, things seemed to be different. More run-pass options (RPOs), motion, and stacking wide receivers, as well as an overall increase in aggressiveness. Fans and outsiders alike have been screaming for it as the Giants (1-3) prepare to play the Cowboys (3-1) at AT&T Stadium on Sunday (4:25 p.m. ET, Fox).

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Garrett seems to have made significant changes just as demands for his firing were becoming louder (and likely falling on deaf ears) after a 0-3 start.

Former NFL quarterback and ESPN commentator Dan Orlovsky stated this week, “The finest game I’ve seen with him since he’s gone to the Giants.”

Orlovsky was particularly fond of the play-by-play approach, which included the usage of the zone-read and RPOs. Garrett hadn’t shown him anything like that last season or early this season.

The Giants were able to make more plays downfield as a result. They had eight plays of 20 yards or more against the Saints, compared to just eight in the previous three games.

This plays to Daniel Jones’ skills as a quarterback. According to NFL Next Gen Stats, he has regularly thrown the deep ball effectively, leading the NFL with nine “dime throws” (30-plus yards of air distance delivered into a window of less than 1 yard of space) since being selected in 2019. Jones passed for a career-high 402 yards on Sunday, and he was 8 of 11 for 229 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception on passes of at least 15 air yards.

All of this suggests that long passes should be a mainstay of this attack.

“I believe they can be more vertical,” ESPN’s NFL Matchup’s Matt Bowen stated. “At the moment, I’d classify them as a short-term/intermediate pass game.”

Garrett’s plan, according to Bowen, is a good match for their team. He wants to see more of a game plan for rookie playmaker Kadarius Toney, whom he views as a mismatch play. This entails getting him started on artificial touches so that his enigmatism may develop.



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With wide receivers Sterling Shepard and Darius Slayton out with hamstring ailments, Toney is coming off his most productive game of the season (six receptions for 78 yards).

The question now is whether Garrett’s dramatic improvement on Sunday was a mirage brought on by an 11-point fourth-quarter deficit or a hint that this offense is ready to take off. Garrett didn’t notice much of a change between the offense’s first three weeks and Sunday’s victory, which isn’t encouraging.

“To be honest with you, I don’t believe anything we ran in the game is anything new,” Garrett remarked on Thursday. “For a number of reasons, you may call certain plays and the ball will go someplace else. We had a few of chances. Start with the protection, hold the ball a little longer, and drive the ball a little farther down the field than in the past. It’s a credit to those guys [the offensive line] who faced a strong front in a hostile atmosphere. Daniel did a fantastic job of perceiving things, in my opinion. I felt the players did a nice job on routes, and we were able to create some plays down the field as well.”

Shepard and Slayton, who are both recovering from hamstring ailments, may return this week. Kenny Golladay (hamstring, hip) and star running back Saquon Barkley (knee) are both improving their health. Injury was a major reason why the Giants averaged 17.7 points in Garrett’s first 19 games, but the excuses for failing to regularly put scores on the board are fading.

Garrett does have one thing working for him that should keep him employed: Jones is improving his game. The Jones-Garrett bond is strong, and you don’t want the young quarterback to have a third offensive coordinator in three years unless it’s absolutely essential. Especially when Jones is doing so well.

Bowen said of the third-year quarterback, “I’ve been pleased.” “He’s aware of it. He has faith in it. He’s also tossing the ball through his intended aim. That indicates that he is at ease in the situation.”

Jones has a 66.7 percent completion rate. This season, he has only thrown one interception, which came on a Hail Mary at the conclusion of the first half on Sunday. His one fumble loss demonstrates that he has improved his ball security.

The No. 6 overall selection in 2019 thinks the current criticism of Garrett for being too conservative or bland is unjustified.

Jones said, “I definitely do not agree with it.” “I don’t believe that’s a reasonable conclusion to make from comparing various systems when you study the video and turn it on and watch other offenses.”

“I believe it has been more about us executing it and using some of the opportunities that have been available. On Sunday, I felt we did a better job. So we’ll have to keep doing that, but I believe the possibilities have existed. The offensive stuff we’ve been doing has kept defenders on their toes.”

It could also keep Garrett out of trouble.

Jason Garrett is the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. He has been criticized for his inability to keep offensive production up, but has had success in recent years. Can he keep it up and quiet his critics? Reference: jason garrett wife.

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