Deer Simulator: How to Unlock Metal Deer

Deer Simulator is a game of deer hunting simulated in Grand Theft Auto V. The object of the simulation is to hunt down and kill as many deer as possible while navigating through snow-covered forests and roaring rivers.

The “deer simulator” is a game that has been around for quite some time. It’s a game where you play as a deer and have to escape from hunters by jumping over fences, running through the forest, and hiding in tall grass. The “deer simulator” is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Deer Simulator: How to Unlock Metal Deer

When you obtain Metal Deer, a crazy mecha contraption consisting of tigers, cows, and rhinos, one of Deer Simulator’s most blatant pop culture allusions arises. It’s without a doubt one of the greatest weapons in this bizarre game, and you can obtain it even before you’ve raised your Destruction Level by a single letter grade. 

This fast tutorial will show you how to get Metal Deer in Deer Simulator so you can start wielding weapons of mass devastation early and frequently, as well as how to get the Kept You Waiting? achievement. Along the way, you’ll get a trophy and recognition. 

In Deer Simulator, how can you get Metal Deer?

When you first spawn, go straight across the parking lot and turn left onto the road. Follow the road down to the water’s edge. To your left, you’ll notice a brown stone edifice with a “A” above an arch, and to your right, a Heli Station with three red buttons. That’s where Metal Deer may be found.

A rhino may be found on the far right button. The cow sign is on the button in the centre. A deer emblem may also be seen on the far left button. To unlock Metal Deer, you’ll need to activate them, but don’t head to the Heli Station yet. 

Instead, stick to the water’s edge. Pass the three persons who are staring at the water’s fish. Cross the bridge and continue straight beyond the monorail station. Look locate the cows near the water that are wearing VR goggles.


Choose one of the cows and ride it all the way to the Heli Station’s red button. Up and down movements increase or reduce the cow’s height, while lateral inputs move it left or right. The best option is to turn the cow’s left or right side toward the Heli Station and utilize those commands to bring it there. 

Land the cow on the cow button and get off it after you’ve reached the red buttons. All the cow needs to do is press the button. Step on the deer button now. The Metal Deer will land on the airfield after a brief cinematic. Tow it over and ride it to inflict the most havoc. 

That’s how you get Metal Deer in Deer Simulator unlocked. The monster mecha possesses a powerful machine gun that can melt city structures, quickly raising your Destruction Level. It also has a jet back jump and dodge, making it ideal for defeating Doggo. 

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