NCsoft Q3 2021 financials: Guild Wars 2 just had its best quarter in years

In a Q3 2021 financial report, NCsoft revealed that sales in Guild Wars 2 have been on the rise for the past year. The company expects to release its next big update this month and has plans to continue investing into other games in an effort to maintain a strong presence in both PC gaming and eSports over the coming years.

The “guild wars 2 revenue 2020” is a financial report from NCsoft, the company that owns Guild Wars 2. The report has been released by the company and it shows that in Q3 of 2020, the game had its best quarter in years.

The financials for NCsoft’s third quarter of 2021 are a mixed bag of good and bad news. Let’s start with the bad news: The Korean gaming behemoth reported a 7% drop in sales from the previous quarter and a 14% drop from this quarter last year, which isn’t as awful as it seems given the company’s big year owing to COVID. However, it is the company’s lowest point in the last four quarters.

NCsoft attributes the income drop to a drop in “old PC online game sales,” notably Lineage 1, which is down 42 percent since Q3 2020. Before you think those players flocked to mobile, keep in mind that LineageM’s revenue is down 39 percent for the year. While Blade & Soul’s popularity has waned and Aion’s Classic bubble looks to have burst, western MMORPG lovers should take attention of Guild Wars 2. That’s because the game’s quarterly revenues are up for both the quarter and the year, which is significant given that the game had its best quarter since Q3 2018 precisely one year ago – and has now surpassed it.

We’re presuming that preorders for End of Dragons haven’t yet been accounted for, but the summer unveiling and subsequent expansion beta events, along with a large exodus from a particular rival MMORPG, have drove gamers to the game with their cash in tow. Overall, it’s a great position to be as ArenaNet prepares to debut in February 2022.



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NCsoft has released their Q3 2021 financials, which show that Guild Wars 2 just had its best quarter in years. Reference: ncsoft revenue.

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