New World is suffering from yet another exploit, this one revolving around malicious chat code

The New World team has been busy patching exploits, for the most part successfully. However, a recent exploit that affected many accounts was not patched in time and is still open. This guide will help you to fend off any potential attacks while your account remains safe from harm.

The New World community is becoming absolute specialists at uncovering flaws and exploits in the game, pushed on by Amazon’s apparent readiness to reward them for their efforts, which is the most kind way I can see this story: Yes, it’s another another New World adventure.

The most recent seems to be an unintended weakness in the game’s chatbox, which enables toxic players to input and execute malicious picture code in the chatbox, causing the client to crash when unwary participants in the game hover over that text with their mouse. According to YouTubers Josh Strife Hayes and Callum Upton, who broke the revelation, such users might use the code to accomplish further duties such as duping gold, turning up their volume, activating sound effects, and remotely changing the settings of other players. (These issue complaints have been escalated by the YouTubers.)

Multiple bug reports and posts on the game’s official forums and Reddit reveal that exploiters can do anything from inject photos to crash player clients, making basic PvP useless.

Amazon hasn’t said much about the matter other than to say that it’s aware of the issue on the forums, but we’re guessing there are some engineers in California who just had their weekend plans ruined.


Needless to say, if the exploit is as serious as it seems, there’s no purpose in playing right now, and rollbacks are very certainly in the cards as well.

This isn’t even the game’s first bug/exploit in the previous week; Amazon was already dealing with issues with offline auction sales, transferring, Outpost Rush, and the transfer exploit from last week, which momentarily halted transfers. DWBtUqOXo0

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