Paul Merson urges Kalvin Phillips to join Liverpool over Man Utd

Paul Merson has urged Liverpool to sign Leicester City’s midfielder, Kalvin Phillips. The former Arsenal and Blackburn Rovers player believes the forward could be a perfect fit for Jurgen Klopp’s side.

Paul Merson has urged Kalvin Phillips to join Liverpool over Man Utd. Paul Merson believes that the Leeds United transfer news will be a good move for Kalvin Phillips.

Kalvin Phillips, a standout for Leeds United, has a slew of offers. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images/Laurence Griffiths)

If Kalvin Phillips leaves Leeds, he should choose Liverpool over Manchester United.

That is the opinion of former Arsenal midfielder Paul Merson, who believes the Red Devils should instead pursue Declan Rice of West Ham.

In recent months, the England international has been linked with a transfer to Old Trafford, with United in need of a new midfielder and said to be preparing for the summer departure of Paul Pogba.

However, according to recent rumors, Liverpool has indicated interest in him and is currently monitoring his contract status, since the 25-year-old has yet to sign a new contract.

Leeds fans will not welcome Merson joining their bitter rivals United, and Merson believes Anfield should be his next destination if he quits his childhood club.

Merson told the Daily Star that Kalvin Phillips should join Liverpool rather than Manchester United.

‘However, I don’t believe he elevates any of those clubs.’ He’s a good player who would play for any team he joins with every week. However, it is hardly a game-changer.

‘He will be regarded as a Leeds United hero even if he moves to Anfield.’ If he moves to Old Trafford, though, everything changes.

‘Is there a Leeds United player on his way to Manchester United? Wow. You’d better get off to a good start! That is a lot of pressure.

‘It also depends on who the manager is at that point.’ Liverpool is a long way ahead of United. He isn’t going to win any titles there until the management changes.

‘I believe he plays at least once a week for either club.’ But I don’t believe it will be simply those two clubs that will go pursuing him. There will be an auction if Leeds sell him next summer.’

Declan Rice

Would Manchester United be a good match for Declan Rice? (Photo credit: AMA/Getty Images/James Williamson) )

Rice has also been linked with United, with David Moyes recently acknowledging that the Red Devils missed out on buying him for a ‘bargain’ price last summer.

Rice should take precedence over Phillips, according to Merson, with the latter a possible replacement to Jordan Henderson at Liverpool.

‘However, I feel United should instead pursue Declan Rice from West Ham.’ ‘I’d do whatever I could to get him,’ says the narrator. Merson continued.

‘I’m not suggesting Rice is a superior player, but he’s a unique player.’ This is a true holding midfielder. And that’s exactly what United needs. Rice checks all of the boxes.

Manchester United Football Club (Man Utd)

‘With Phillips, I believe he’d be more suited at Liverpool than United.’ I don’t see Jordan Henderson playing every week if they are paying him a lot of money.

‘I’m not implying that Henderson’s career is over. He’s a seasoned pro. Never fails to deliver. However, he isn’t growing any younger.

‘I believe Phillips would benefit from his presence. Phillips would be a lot better player at Liverpool, in my opinion.’

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Liverpool FC has been in the news recently with their new manager, Jurgen Klopp. One of his first signings was Kalvin Phillips who is now playing for Liverpool’s U23 team. Former Man Utd player Paul Merson urged him to join Liverpool over Man Utd. Reference: liverpool fc news.

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