Thunder Tier One Unlocks Explained: All Cosmetics

In this guide, we’ll go over the details of how cosmetics are unlocked in Battle Royale.



Through unlocks, Thunder Tier One provides players with a large selection of customisable armor, gadgets, and cosmetics. By continuing through the game and leveling up your character, you can unlock all of these goodies. The unpredictability and rhythm with which unlocks arrive, though, may be perplexing.

This Thunder Tier One guide will explain and list all of the game’s customisable unlocks. You will level up as you gain XP points, and every second level up will provide you one random unlock. These are completely random, and you won’t know which one you got until you enter the customisation menu and look for the category with the green circle, which signals a new item has been added.

All Unlocks for Thunder Tier One

The character growth maximum in Thunder Tier One is presently at Level 230, which means you’ll have to put in a lot of effort to earn all of the game’s available cosmetics. The cosmetic unlocks in Thunder Tier One are listed below. To navigate to a certain category, use the links below:

  • Patterns of camouflage
  • Colors used in camouflage
  • Items for the headgear
  • Tops of the torso
  • Pants
  • Armor for the body
  • Vests
  • Backpacks
  • Face masks
  • Headsets
  • Patches on the shoulders
  • Cosmetics of other kinds

All Patterns of Camouflage

  • Type 99
  • Mountain
  • Hunter of Ducks
  • Woodland in the City
  • Woodlands in the Desert
  • Woodland in the United States
  • Camouflage Patterns
  • Uniform for Desert Camouflage
  • Battle Dress for the Desert
  • Pattern in the World
  • Desert of the Sea
  • Coastal Forest
  • Forest of the Digital
  • Spraying Leaves
  • Pattern of the Night
  • Strichtarn
  • Desert WZ 93
  • Puma WZ 89
  • M90
  • M90K
  • Striped Jungle
  • Leather
  • Tropentarn
  • Flecktarn
  • Material with a Disruptive Pattern
  • Pattern of Disruption in the Desert
  • Jeans
  • Pat Russo
  • Sily Rossii Vooruzhennyye
  • Verdure
  • Partizan
  • Berezka

Colors of Camouflage

  • Blue
  • Brown Chocolate
  • Green (dark)
  • Olive
  • Green Khaki
  • Green Olive
  • Green Ranger
  • Anthracite
  • Drab olive
  • Tan in the desert
  • Brown, green
  • Tan Russian
  • Brown Coyote
  • Brown in color
  • Black
  • Grey Black
  • Gray
  • White
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • The color light blue
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Stripes
  • Cracks
  • 80s
  • Ink

Items for Headgear

  • Altyn
  • A Balaclava
  • B balaclava
  • C Balaclava
  • Cap for baseball
  • Beret
  • Hat Boonie
  • A Cowboy Hat
  • B Cowboy Hat
  • Ghillie Balaclava is a fictional character created by Ghillie Balaclava
  • Keffiyeh
  • M1
  • Mk6
  • Mk6 Mk6 Mk6 Mk6 Mk6 Mk6 M
  • Cover for Mk6
  • Helmet for Skating
  • SSH 68

Tops of the Torso

  • Sleeveless
  • Long BDU Jacket
  • Folded BDU Jacket
  • Short BDU Jacket
  • Jacket CS95
  • Flora Jacket is a jacket with a floral pattern.
  • Jacket Gorka
  • T-Shirt

All Pants

  • BDU Pants are a kind of military uniform.
  • Tucked BDU Pants
  • Trousers CS95
  • Pants Flora
  • Gorka Pants are a pair of slacks that
  • WZ. 93

Armor for the whole body

  • 3M
  • 6B5-18
  • MK2
  • Defender
  • Faustian

All Vests

  • 6SH92
  • Alice Vest is a woman who wears a
  • Assault
  • LBV
  • BHI
  • Strap
  • Kenguru
  • PLCE

Backpacks of all kinds

  • Backpack Alice
  • ROC
  • Patrol Team
  • RD-54

Face Covers for Everyone

  • Goggles for Night Vision
  • Kerchief in dark green
  • Wear a gas mask (clear optics)
  • Wear a gas mask (dark optics)
  • Sunglasses

Headsets in general

  • Headset for fragout
  • Headset that hangs from the ceiling
  • Headset worn around the neck

Shoulder Patches on All Shoulders

  • 1st Lightning Patch
  • 2nd Lightning Patch
  • 9 millimeter patch
  • Zombie Hunter is a zombie-hunting game.
  • Patch for Aces
  • Veteran
  • The Tactical Beard Owners Club is a group of people that have a tactical beard.
  • Always Be Faithful
  • Patches for first aid
  • One shot, one death
  • Supplier of ammunition
  • Special Forces GOAT
  • God Mode
  • Patch of Thunder

Unlocks & All Other Cosmetics

  • Gloves
  • Elbow braces
  • Kneeling pads
  • Backgrounds for armoury

Remember that after each second level up, any of these objects will appear at random. If you want to get all of these goods, you’ll need to level up your character to Level 230. 

That’s all there is to know about Thunder Tier One customisation unlocks. You may also check out our Thunder Tier One guide for the three greatest loadouts.

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